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Watch this ad for energy!

Zynga has come up with a new, brilliant idea to generate more advertising dollars!

Just now, I was surprised to see the following pop-up:

When I pressed "Watch Now!", the ad started as a series of images (NOT video).

I answered "No", so I guess they decided to give me the gum ad instead of the travel ad.

After the above question was answered, the results of the poll were shown:

Next, there was a fill-in question.  I didn't take a screenshot of it or remember what the question was.  This was the last image:

When I pressed the "Return to Game" button, I was returned to the game and 3 energy was immediately added to my energy bar.

The whole process takes less than 30 seconds if you don't take the questions too seriously.

Is it worth the 3 energy to you?  Would you do it?

Cheats and Exploits

A recent announcement about fixing cheats and exploits by General Dogsworth, a community manager on the official Zynga E&A forums:


We've received a lot of contacts from our players lately involving cheats and exploits. While we obviously don't encourage players to talk about exploits on the forums—to prevent them from spreading—we do still receive emails and notifications from players about this, as well as doing our own research.

The most recent batch of exploits has allowed some unscrupulous players to obtain high level units without paying for them. This is bad enough on its own, but when these same players use them in World Domination it can make them very difficult opponents.

We want you guys to know exactly what we're doing to address these exploits.

First, as of last week the exploit no longer works. We tracked down and identified the problem that allowed players to get ahold of these units illicitly.

Second, this week we will be going through and removing all of the units which were generated through this exploit. It will likely take a few days before they get cleaned out, but we have a record of every single unit that was generated through this exploit and every single one will be removed from the cheater's Empire without a refund.

Since one of the variants of the exploits involves gifting, there may be some of you who received an unsolicited unit as a gift that was generated by an exploit. No action will be taken against your account, but the exploited unit will be removed.

We encourage you to continue to contact us via PM if you encounter evidence of another exploit in the wild. We're committed to making sure that our game is fun for EVERYbody, not just for the cheaters.


I may add commentary later.

Cheats & Exploits - General Dogsworth, Feb. 28, 2012

Quest: Of Titanic Proportions

  • Quest #23
  • Quest lasts from Feb. 27, 2012 - March 19, 2012

1 – Prepare for the Worst
- Collect 10 Electro-Magnetic Sensors to detect incoming attacks.
- Place 20 Navy Units to protect your empire.
- Battle the Titan.  Told you they’d come for us.  [15,500 total Health]
Rewards:  P61 Blackwidow [Bomber, 200 Health], 3 Element Z, 1 Field Repair I

2 – Suspicious Minds
- Collect 15 Z-Tectors to detect unusual amounts of Element Z radiation.
- Pillage your neighbors 80 times to get information out of them.
- Battle the Titan, he's looking for his Titan brother.
Rewards:  Elite Wasp [Infantry, 220 Health], 1000 Coins, 1 Accuracy I

3 – I Know a Guy
- Hire 15 Code Breakers
- Collect 6 Mastery Tokens
- Battle the Titan. It's like an all you can eat Titan buffet out here.  [22,000 total Health]
Rewards:  Elite Sherman Tank [250 Health], 1 Liberty Bond, 1 Missile Attack II

4 – Surprise! Happy Doomsday!
- Gather 20 Special Reaction Teams
- Harvest 100 neighbors' crops for supplies.
- Battle the Titan, wow they're persistent little robots aren't they?  [25,000 total Health]
Rewards:  Sea King [Airship, 300 Health], 5 Element Z, 1 Hunker Down II

5 – Dirky Business
- Collect 20 High Intensity Blow Torches to damage Dirk's precious drill.
- Place 50 military units to take on Dirk Mollman.
- Battle the Titan. Trust Dirk to run at the first sight of a Titan.  [32,000 total Health]
Rewards:  Cavour 550 [Carrier, 320 Health], 500 Oil, 1 Air Strike II

6 – Friend in Need
- Deal 150,000 damage to Navy Units.
- Harvest 200 wheat crops to feed your sailors.
- Fight the Titan.
Rewards:  Half-track Artillery [340 Health], 50 Honor [Red Hearts], 1 Evasion III

7 – Go to Helman
- Place 40 Submarines. We'll need to go in quietly.
- Use 10 Air strike II Power-ups to prepare for any Titan attack.
- Battle the Titan. They're getting predictable, these Titans.
Rewards:  Elite HMS Warrior [Battleship, 350 Health], 15 Energy, 1 EMP III

8 – Kidnapped Titan = Angry Titan
- Harvest 50,000 Oil to keep those units running.
- Place 60 Navy Units to take on the Titan.
- Fight that Titan and try not to lose.  [up to 58k total Strength]
Rewards:  Elite Mosquito Infantry [430 Health], 5 Liberty Bonds, 10 Element Z

Final Reward:  SpecOps Griffin Tank [810 Health]


Use this table to check how much your next expansion will cost.  The first column shows how many expansions you currently have, while the other two columns list how much the next expansion will cost.  For example, the first data row shows the costs for your very first expansion.

Another use of this table is to figure out how many expansions you currently have.  Just try to do another expansion in the game in order to check how much it will cost.  Look up the cost in the table to see how many expansions you currently have.

You can do a limited number of expansions using crews.  (At first glance, the game XML seems to indicate expansions #1-62 are crewable, but this seems to be too many to be correct.)

"# Current Expansions" does not include the 6 "expansions" that you start out the game with.  There are only 196 total expansions in the game, including the 6 you start out with.  This table goes up to 196, so the last 6 are currently unavailable in the game until Zynga expands the game world.

From the 6 "expansions" you start out with in the game, you need another 190 expansions to fully expand.  This requires a total of 44,627,019 Coins and 37,560 Liberty Bonds, not counting crewed expansions.

Expansion Hack - uses Charles and/or Cheat Engine
Expansion Hack #2 - uses Cheat Engine only

# Current
   Coins       Liberty
05,000 10
19,013 14
212,721 18
316,245 21
419,638 23
5 22,930 26
626,140 28
729,282 31
832,365 33
935,397 35
10 38,384 37
1141,331 39
1244,241 41
1347,117 43
1449,963 45
15 52,780 46
1655,571 48
1758,338 50
1861,082 52
1963,804 54
20 66,505 55
2169,188 57
2271,852 59
2374,499 61
2477,129 63
25 79,744 64
2682,343 66
2784,929 68
2887,500 69
2990,058 71
30 92,604 73
3195,137 75
3297,658 76
33100,168 78
34102,666 80
35 105,154 82
36107,632 83
37110,100 85
38112,558 87
39115,006 89
40 117,445 90
41119,876 92
42122,298 94
43124,711 96
44127,116 97
45 129,513 99
46131,903 101
47134,284 103
48136,659 104
49139,026 106
50 141,385 108
51143,738 110
52146,085 111
53148,424 113
54150,757 115
55 153,084 117
56155,405 119
57157,719 120
58160,027 122
59162,330 124
60 164,627 126
61166,918 128
62169,204 129
63171,484 131
64173,759 133
65 176,028 135
66178,293 137
67180,552 139
68182,807 140
69185,056 142
70 187,301 144
71189,541 146
72191,776 148
73194,007 150
74196,233 152
75 198,455 153
76200,672 155
77202,885 157
78205,094 159
79207,299 161
80 209,499 163
81211,696 165
82213,888 167
83216,076 169
84218,261 171
85 220,442 172
86222,619 174
87224,792 176
88226,961 178
89229,127 180
90 231,289 182
91233,448 184
92235,603 186
93237,754 188
94239,903 190
95 242,047 192
96244,189 194
97246,327 196
98248,462 198
99250,594 200
100 252,722 202
101254,847 204
102256,970 206
103259,089 208
104261,205 210
105 263,318 212
106265,428 214
107267,535 216
108269,639 218
109271,740 220
110 273,839 222
111275,934 224
112278,027 226
113280,117 228
114282,204 231
115 284,289 233
116286,370 235
117288,449 237
118290,526 239
119292,600 241
120 294,671 243
121296,740 245
122298,806 247
123300,870 249
124302,931 252
125 304,990 254
126307,046 256
127309,100 258
128311,151 260
129313,200 262
130 315,247 264
131317,291 267
132319,333 269
133321,373 271
134323,410 273
135 325,445 275
136327,478 277
137329,509 280
138331,537 282
139333,564 284
140 335,588 286
141337,610 288
142339,630 291
143341,647 293
144343,663 295
145 345,677 297
146347,688 299
147349,697 302
148351,705 304
149353,710 306
150 355,714 308
151357,715 311
152359,714 313
153361,712 315
154363,707 317
155 365,701 320
156367,692 322
157369,682 324
158371,670 327
159373,656 329
160 375,640 331
161377,622 333
162379,603 336
163381,581 338
164383,558 340
165 385,533 343
166387,507 345
167389,478 347
168391,448 350
169393,416 352
170 395,382 354
171397,346 357
172399,309 359
173401,270 361
174403,230 364
175 405,187 366
176407,143 369
177409,098 371
178411,050 373
179413,002 376
180 414,951 378
181416,899 380
182418,845 383
183420,790 385
184422,733 388
185 424,674 390
186426,614 392
187428,553 395
188430,489 397
189432,425 400
190 434,359 402
191436,291 405
192438,222 407
193440,151 409
194442,079 412
195 444,005 414

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90% Off Empire Points

Recently, a few low-level, infrequent players have reported receiving an offer of 90% off Empire Points.  If you haven't spent any real-life money on Empires & Allies (or any Zynga game) yet, would 90% off be enough to entice you?

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Zynga's Marketing Tactics

New Decors

Army Boxing Gym

A pugilist's haven. This Army Boxing Gym offers a bonus of 20% on production costs.

Kite Park

The Kite Park offers a heavyweight coin bonus of 30% on adjacent houses!

Military March

Fall in line, men! Build the Military March for a 15% Government and Military coin discount.

Naval Officer's Club

The best port in a storm! The Naval Officers' Club offers a 20% Housing and Military bonus.

Source: Aki @ Facebook E&A groups

Big Spender Leaderboard: the Market Trick

 “Spend the most coins within the time period.”

There’s about 6 days left on the Big Spender Leaderboard.  The prizes are:

Elite Horten Bomber – requires 5,000,000 Coins
Horten Bomber – requires 100,000 Coins
SU-122 Tank – requires 10,000 Coins

These unit prizes aren’t noteworthy if you’re a high-level player.  They might have some value if you’re a low-level player.  However, most low-level players would have a difficult time spending 5 million Coins within a week to claim the Elite Horten Bomber.  Some high-level players may be interested in taking one of the 3 top spots on this Leaderboard in order to earn one of the trophies.  Or if you’re a competitive player, you may just want to outspend your neighbors to flex your wealth. 

In any case, here’s a trick to racking up your score on this Leaderboard.  It relies on a loophole: trading via the Market building.  Just find a trustworthy neighbor to do back-and-forth trading.  Put up as much of your most plentiful resource as your neighbor can afford.  Your neighbor buys all of it.  You take your Coins profit and buy back all that your neighbor just bought.  Repeat as many times as desired.

Be careful of other neighbors who might swoop in and clean your market!

You’ll be limited in how much you can spend per round of trading by how many Coins each of you start out with.  Back-and-forth trading won’t generate any total net profit between the traders, but the amounts you spend will count towards the Big Spender Leaderboard.

The Cerberus: Is It Worth It?

This offer just came up within the last day.  The Cerberus is the fourth and latest special Tier 8 unit released.  (The other mythological units were the Chimera, the Kraken, and the Harpy, in that order.  There are also some units unlocked by World Domination that could be considered Tier 8.)  It is a Tank-class unit and comes fully upgraded with 1020 Health--making it the best unit in the game so far.

Would you be willing to pay 800 Empire Points for this unit?  In real USD, that's around $80 with no discounts or around $32 with a 60% discount.  That's 4 to 10 times the minimum wage in the USA.  Is it worth it?

You would be paying to receive exactly one unit.  There is no unlock for it to be built.  Having just one (or maybe a few), you might be reluctant to use it in battle for fear of losing it.  On the other hand, you could have recently unlocked the Elite Doberman Tank or the Elite Griffin Tank and fully upgraded them to 912 and 936 Health, respectively--not a far cry from the 1020 Health of the Cerberus.  Either one would have cost around 300 EP, much cheaper than the Cerberus.  Also, you would have been able to build a multitude of Elite Doberman Tanks or Elite Griffin Tanks.

Another issue is the exclusivity of having such an awesome unit as the Cerberus.  If you've played Empires & Allies much, you've probably ventured beyond your empire to visit or invade others.  In doing so, you've probably noticed that some empires have several, or even tens, of Tier 8 units.  You may have wondered, Did this player actually buy all these units?  Or is there some kind of hacking going on?

Is the Cerberus all that special then?  Is it worth it?  Does the unit lose much of its appeal as a collectible to you if you knew so many other copies existed?  What if you suspected these copies were potentially due to hacking and that the Cerberus and its brethren might be created in indefinite numbers?

Whatever you decide, you better not take too long.  The Cerberus is nearly half-claimed by now, and there's less than 2 days left for the remaining limited quantities to be claimed.

Quest: Island Mayhem

Missile Launch Station
(15% military discount; 30% if crewed)

Quest: Stolen Steele

  • Quest #22
  • Lasts: Feb. 21, 2012 – March 14, 2012 (22 days)
  • This is a branching quest like Dire Straits, but unlike Dire Straits, you can NOT do more than one path simultaneously.

TOP PATH (SpecOps Man O’ War Battleship)

2 – The Sit-Down
- Gather 10 Negotiators.
- Earn 200 Black Hearts.
- Harvest 80 Pumpkins.
Rewards:  Elite Super Lynx, 1 Liberty Bond, 1 Missile Attack I

3a – 8 Bombs in a Duffel Bag
- Gather 10 Remote Detonators.
- Build 10 Air Strike II Power-Ups.
- Inflict 40,000 damage to Air Units.
Rewards:  Ekranoplan, 5 Energy, 800 Wood

3b – Teary Goodbyes
- Gather 15 Boxes of Tissues.
- Survive 40 waves in Survival Mode to hone your skills.
- Earn 150 Red Hearts.
Rewards:  Elite F-18 Hornet, 5 Element Z, 1 Field Repair III

4 – Cell Mates
- Collect 15 Satellite Images of the Eel’s lair.
- Buy 200 {Ore} from neighbors’ markets.
- Battle the Prison Guards.  [2 Griffin Tanks, The Bison Halftrack Artillery, 2 Kodiak EXO Infantry]
Rewards:  I-400 Sub Carrier, 15 Energy, Hunker Down III

5 – Steeley Defense
- Collect 20 people for an Evacuation Team.
- Inflict 100,000 damage.
- Defeat the Eel.
Rewards:  Elite Vulture Copter, 3000 Oil, 5 Liberty Bonds

Final Reward:  SpecOps Man O' War Battleship

BOTTOM PATH (SpecOps Fledermaus Fighter)

2 – Location Lockdown
- Gather 10 Search Dolphins.
- Harvest 50 Crops from your neighbors.
- Destroy 50 units using Naval Units.
Rewards:  Elite KFX Fighter, 1 EMP I, 3 Energy

3 – I Spy
- Gather 10 Surveillance Cameras.
- Harvest 50 Red Onions to draw attention away from you.
- Complete the Army Training Exercise.
Rewards:  Yamato, 500 Oil, 1 Explosive Ammo II

4a – Minion Demolition
- Gather 10 Energy Drinks to keep your strength up.
- Earn 2 Mastery Tokens.
- Deal 100,000 damage in combat to scare Eel's minions.
Rewards:  Elite Spidermech, 3 Liberty Bonds, 1 Evasion II

4b – Minion Manipulation
- Gather 15 Incriminating Photos of the Eel.
- Collect rent from neighbors’ houses 60 times.
- Pillage invaded neighbors 50 times.
Rewards:  Chinese PLA Infantry, 1 Poison Gas III, 1 Explosive Ammo III

5 – The Face-Off
- Collect 20 pairs of Anti-Slip Gloves.
- Speed up 50 neighbors’ ore mines.
- Defeat the Eel.  [Man O' War Battleship, 2 Elite Leviathan Carriers, 2 Elite Narwahl Submarines]
Rewards:  TF2000 [Battleship], 250 {Iron}, 15 Element Z

Final Reward:  SpecOps Fledermaus Fighter

Zynga's Marketing Tactics

If you've recently started playing World Domination in Empires & Allies, you most likely find it a very exciting, new feature.  At some point when you re-enter the game, you probably got the offer above for 60% off Empire Points.

This is part of Zynga's marketing tactics.  First, introduce a new and exciting feature (World Domination).  Let players play around for a bit.  Have lots of new units that can be unlocked for free but only with a lot of work.  

When the player comes back into the game within the next day, they see the limited-time (2 hours) offer for 60% off Empire Points.  What better way to coax someone into buying virtual goods than to get them excited by a new mega-feature?  Excited people tend to be more impulsive.  Zynga feeds on this impulsivity--not giving it a chance to die down--and encourages a rush decision by limiting the offer to only two hours.

Even better, the buying process goes very smoothly and quickly if you already have your payment information stored on Facebook.  Wasn't it convenient then that within the last couple of weeks there was this amazing offer?

If you had not purchased any Facebook credits prior to this offer, you might have been very tempted at an offer of 80% off at a price point of only $1.  It was also a good way for Facebook to get your payment information so that you could experience a smoother transaction in the future.  Wasn't that nice of them?

Here's a more recent offer that shows up as a banner below Zynga's games:

At the same time, low-price offers like these are probably designed to increase Monthly Unique Payers (MUP).  MUP is a metric that Zynga uses in its press releases to portray growth.  See the following article from Seeking Alpha:

Has Zynga Stopped Growing?

Recall the recent news of a former Zynga employee bashing Zynga, calling it a marketing company rather than a game company:

More on Zynga's marketing tactics later...

UPDATE Feb. 24, 2012:

A few low-level, infrequent players have reported receiving this 90% off offer recently:

World Domination: Set-up

When World Domination is activated for you, you'll see this pop-up when you enter the game:

This is the second pop-up:

World Domination screen

This is the set-up screen that first pops up when you select World Domination:

You can see "Attack Wins" and "Defense Wins" on top.  Both are tracked separately.

Attack Wins = Total number of victories from attacking an opponent
Defense Wins = Total number of times opponents have lost against your Defense Force
Global Standing = Percentage of players with more Dominance [points] than you

The "1" in the eagle insignia is your Dominance Rank (DR)--this is analogous to Honor and Infamy.  Your initial DR when you start is determined by your existing XP level.

Many players are confused by Global Standing, especially high-level players who are at 0%.  The lower the %, the higher ranked you are.  High-level players will start out at a high rank.  If your Global Standing is 0%, that means you are in at least the top 1% of all E&A players in terms of Dominance points.

Here's the same screen (different player) with the pop-up help enabled:

The units shown here for Defense Force are the default ones.  You can change them.  The "Assemble" box is first grayed out.  After the first time you try attacking someone (or just try to and then cancel), you'll be able to select this button to change your Defense Force.  Your own Defense Force is used to defend against any other player that selects you to fight.

There are 2 tabs: "Global" and "Rivals."  There's a limited number of other players--not necessarily your neighbors--that you can select to attack.  Notice there is a 24-hour timer.

In the middle of the screen, you can see a list of players that you can choose to attack.  You can see their Level, Dominance Rank, Attack Wins, and Defense Wins.  Defense Wins is the best indication of how strong their Defense Force is.

You'll tend to see players listed that play World Domination a lot.

World Domination Unlockable Units

At the bottom of the World Domination screen is a scroll bar listing all 24 World Domination unlockable units.  After a unit has been unlocked, you can build it in your barracks, shipyard, or hangar.  Here is a list of the units.:

3 – Elite Bazooka Soldiers
6 – Elite Chinook Airship
9 – Elite Assault Battleship
12 – Elite Harrier Fighter
15 – Elite Heavy Carrier
18 – Elite Abrams Tank
21 – Elite Mechanized Soldiers
24 – Elite Comanche Airship
27 – Elite Railgun Battleship
31 – Elite Advanced Gunship
35 – Elite Advanced Rocket Artillery
39 – Elite Hypersonic Bomber
44 – Mantis Infantry
49 – Gator Patrol Boat
54 – Ghost Bat Fighter
59 – Tarantula Artillery
64 – Sea Hive Carrier
69 – Buzzard Autogyro
74 – Badger Tank
79 – Yamato III
84 – Phoenix Bomber
89 – Sand Shark Hovercraft
94 – Owl Fighter
99 – Armadillo Tank


When you select someone to attack, the screen looks like this after you've selected your units:

The theater of the battle (Land, Sea, or Air) is determined by the Defense Force of the player you chose to attack.  You must select an attacking force from the same theater.

Notice how you can't see the enemy units (the other player's Defense Force) while selecting your own units.  The "1620" is the total Health of your Defense Force.  The "2050" is the maximum total Health that you can field in battle--it is not the total Health of the enemy force you're facing.

The battle is NOT live on the part of the other player--it acts out just like in any other battle.  That is, the other player is not controlling his units turn-by-turn; it's AI driven.  You do not get to select allies as in Campaign Mastery.  Your can choose to retreat, but it will cost you Domination points (less than what you would earn if you won the battle).

If you win the battle, you win a certain number of Domination points depending on the Domination level of the other player relative to yours, while the other player loses Domination points.  The amount that you can earn is displayed in the main World Domination screen where you select who to battle.

After you win, you can see the other player in the "Rivals" tab--that player has a chance to attack you back.

If you lose as the attacker (by having all your units destroyed), you won't lose any Domination points.  If you surrender, you do forfeit some Dominance points.

If someone else attacks your Defense Force, the battle plays out on their end--you make no combat decisions.  If the other player wins (your Defense Force loses), you lose a small amount of Domination points, but never enough to lower your Dominance Rank.  If the other player loses (your Defense Force wins), you don't gain or lose any Dominance points.

The only time you actually lose units is if they get destroyed when you are attacking someone else's Defense Force.

No one's empire is invaded.  Combats happen in a virtual battleground.  The World Embassy's Neutrality has no effect on World Domination.

Quest: Forgetting the Titans

  • Jan. – Feb. 2012
  • There are no Acid Blasts available to help fight the Titans in this quest, unlike for previous Titan battles.
1 – Stand Your Ground
- Collect 5 Enemy Dog Tags as evidence.
- Defeat the Enemy forces.  [Griffin Tank, The Bison Halftrack Artillery (2), Black Ops Advanced Rocket Artillery (2)]
- Defeat the Titan.  [easy]
Rewards:  Tiger Tank, Titan Leg Servo (2), Titan Railgun

2 – Draw Their Fire
- Collect 10 Titan Memory Chips.
- Pay 100,000 Coins to have Memory Chips analyzed.
- Defeat the Titan trying to prevent us from finding Memory Chips.  [difficult; 64,000 total Health]

3 – Hot Pursuit
- Collect 10 of {neighbor}’s Fingerprints.
- Collect 3 Mastery Tokens.
- Defeat the Titan trying to stop us from collecting evidence.  [easy]
Rewards:  Titan Chain Gun (2), Titan Plating, Elite UAV Drone

4 – Run!
- Collect 10 Police Lineup Suspects.
- Collect 15,000 Coins to help protect the witness.
- Defeat the Titan trying to find the witness.  [difficult]
Rewards:  Titan Torso, Accuracy II, Elite K7 Bomber

5 – War on Two Fronts
- Collect 15 Titan Parts for comparison.
- Speed up 20 neighbor crops to search for evidence.
- Defeat the Titan trying to slow our investigation.
Rewards:  Titan Exhaust (2), Titan Foot, Elite X-2 Copter

6 – A Drink with Jam and Bread
- Collect 15 Prototype Devices.
- Harvest 80 Red Onions to feed our engineers.
- Defeat the Titan trying to stop our progress.
Rewards:  Panther Tank, Titan Foot (2), 5 Element Z

7 – The Return
- Collect 15 Personal HeliVacs.
- Build 30 Airships.  [You can build Zeppelins in Barracks I, cancel the work, and repeat.]
- Defeat the Titan trying to help the spy escape.
Rewards:  Titan Body, Titan Minigun (3), Elite Barrage Truck

8 – Back to the Depths
- Collect 20 Parabolic Jammers.
- Use Airships to destroy 200 Ground Units.
- Defeat the Titan trying to stop our Jammers.
Rewards:  Energy Drink, Titan Plating, Fokker

Final Rewards:
Buzzard Autogyro (3) – Airship, 750 Health

World Domination: Preview

On Feb. 15, 2012, many of you probably noticed connection problems in trying to play E&A, especially in trying to engage in battle.  The reason is probably because Zynga's servers were being updated for a new feature called World Domination.  Here's a sneak preview.  More to come later!

Zynga's announcement

World Domination is a mode related to Battle Blitz.  As the name suggests, you will probably be able to battle other players on a much wider scale than the limited 15 random neighbors in Battle Blitz.  Unlike Battle Blitz, you will not choose an area to invade--it'll be more like virtual arena PVP.

New Controls

On Feb. 16, 2012, the controls at the lower right corner of the game screen was changed to the following (which is the same as the above screenshot, but in a different state):

The lower left button can be toggled between the two PVP "Battles" modes: Battle Blitz and World Domination.  The middle button is for Survival Mode.  The right button is for Campaign Mastery, which can be toggled between the Wrath of the Raven and Molten Terror campaigns.

These controls are now consistent between different game screens.  For instance, when you visited a neighbor before, there was only a big button in the lower right to return to your empire.  Now you see the same controls when you're visiting your neighbors.  You still can't go directly to Campaign Mastery from a neighbor's empire, however.

World Domination Screen

This is the first screen you get when you select World Domination:

World Domination Battle Screen

Here's what a battle screen in World Domination looks like:

Notice the new arrangement of bars on the top of the screen.  There's also a new Domination bar.  The Dominance Rank is 31 and the Dominance points is 37,480.  It's this high because when you start World Domination, you start out with a certain Dominance Rank and points based on your XP at the time.  The "1620/2050" is the current and maximum allowable total Health that you can field in battle.

New Units

Here are some of the units that you can unlock in World Domination:

From upper left going in the same way you read in English, the units are:

  • Owl Fighter, Phoenix Bomber, Ghost Bat Fighter
  • Buzzard Autogyro, Mantis Infantry, Tarantula Artillery
  • Armadillo Artillery, Badger Tank
  • Seahive Carrier, Gator Patrol Boat

Here's a scroll bar showing some of the unlockable units:

Here's the first quest that goes with the roll-out of World Domination:

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More info on World Domination:

Invasions - The World Embassy Trick

It used to be that you could come back to an invaded neighbor every 4 hours to collect loot.  In January 2012, Zynga changed the looting time to once every 12 hours.  If you miss being able to loot more often or want to finish quests that require invasions or looting more quickly, read on.

Here’s the trick to get more invasions and looting.  The key lies in the World Embassy, a building that players get early in the game but that many decide to not use.  If you activate the World Embassy, all your occupations on invaded neighbors are cancelled.  This allows you to invade those same neighbors again almost immediately.  Invading deactivates the World Embassy.  Furthermore, you can reuse the World Embassy in another 6 hours, rather than wait to loot in another 12 hours. 

Essentially, this trick cuts in half the invasion loot timer.  The cost is that you have to fight more often, which takes up energy and possibly units and power-ups.  This could be a good thing if you are using invasion battles to farm resources.

Enemy AI Hit Rates

Some E&A players have complained that enemy AI units seem to have an unfair advantage in battle.  They allege that enemy AI units seem to get more than their fair share of direct and critical hits, even when the enemy unit is "poor" versus the player's unit.

General Dogsworth (a moderator on the official E&A forum) had this to say about enemy AI hit rates, dispelling the myth held by players:
"We usually don't talk much about the way that we make internal calculations about how damage is done, how the AI chooses its targets, etc. and this policy hasn't changed. However, since there has been a lot of confusion on this topic, I want to jump in and let you know one thing: There is no difference in the Glancing Blow/Direct Hit/Critical Hit rate between your units and the AI. You can certainly get a string of bad luck that causes you to lose a valuable unit or two—I know I have. But I've confirmed it with the development team: the code we use to calculate whether a hit is a Direct Hit, Glancing Blow, or Critical Hit is the same code, no matter whether it's you firing or the AI. 
In PVP invasions, we do take your opponent's upgrades into account. So if you're attacked by a neighbor who has researched the Accuracy upgrade for the units that he has invaded you with—or the units that you get as defenders when you invade your neighbor—those units WILL have increased Accuracy. But obviously any units that you've researched Accurace for will have the same bonus."
Personally, I believe there is a perception problem on the part of some E&A players.  Players don't usually use fighting units that are "poor" versus enemy units.  If they did, they would probably notice that direct and critical hits are not that rare in these situations.

Source of quote:

Quest: The Perfect Caper

  • Quest lasts: Feb. 13, 2012 – Mar. 4, 2012
  • The parts that say you have to survive up to wave X in Survival Mode are wrong.  You actually just need to survive a total of X number of waves.  For instance, instead of surviving up to wave 40, you could complete two rounds of waves 1-20.


1 – Commitment Issues
- Gather 5 Lawyers to draw up a contract
- Harvest 60 Cabbage Crops to feed the Lawyers
- Deal 40,000 damage to Land Units
Rewards:  1 Air Strike I, 1 Liberty Bond, 1 SU-122 Tank

2 – Turning Heel
- Gather 10 Search Warrants for your empire
- Destroy 100 Land Units
- Let’s take on the Raven’s most powerful units!
Rewards:  3 Element Z, 3 Energy, 1 Horten Bomber

3 – Trial and Error
- Gather 10 Safe-Cracking Tools
- Win 15 Battle Blitz battles
- Collect rent from 50 Neighbors’ residences
Rewards:  500 Oil, 50 Gold, 1 Elite Commando

4 – The Last Place You Look
- Gather 10 Informants to help with the search
- Survive up to wave 40 in Survival Mode
- Earn 150 Black Hearts
Rewards: 900 Oil, 3 Liberty Bonds, X-2 Copter

5 – Interference
- Gather 10 Guerilla Fighters to help you move stealthily
- Use 10 Air Strike I power-ups in battle
- Build 3 Ambush Strike Teams
Rewards:  5 Element Z, Field Repairs II, Elite K7 Bomber

6 – The Gold Standard
- Gather 15 Computer Viruses
- Deal 100,000 damage to Air Units
- Place 20 Land Units
Rewards:  1 EMP II, 5 Energy, Elite Hell Cat

7 – Double Crossed!
- Ask for 15 Sympathy Hugs
- Harvest 120 Red Onion Crops
- Deploy 4 Mind Control Strike Teams  [Just need to build them, not use them.]
Rewards: 1 Poison Gas III, 15 Energy, Elite Advanced Bismarck

8 – Sweet Revenge
- Gather 20 Piggy Banks
- Survive up to wave 60 in Survival Mode
- Destroy 200 Sea Units
Rewards:  250 Gold, 5 Liberty Bonds, Navy Seal Infantry

Final Rewards:
Golden Doberman Tank (3)