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Quest: A Friend In Need

  • Quest #41
  • Lasts from July 02, 2012 - August 06, 2012
  • Some tasks may have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

Commander, this isn't just a threat to your ally Ardania! This could mean the end of freedom for all their citizens. There's no way you can just sit back and watch. You must form an alliance to help.

Hint: Dig into your ally address book to find other guardians of democracy. You won't regret it.

Quest Story - A Friend In Need

1 - The SOS

  • Ask for 4 Information Encryption Agents to decipher your ally's SOS.
  • Collect from 20 houses to help with the mission.
  • Clear 10 trees in your friends' empires. Every bit of help counts.

Rewards: Elite Thumper Artillery (Tier 5, 200 Strength, SK5), EMP I, Liberty Bond

2 - Battle Plan Bickering

  • Ask for 5 Secure Communication Devices to avoid dangerous info leaks.
  • Earn 60 Red Hearts. That'll show your fussy ally.
  • Gather 100 {Ore} to help your ally in need build weapons.

Rewards: F18 Hornet (Tier 4 Fighter, 220 Strength, UA22), Explosive Ammo II, 300 Wood

3 - Ready to Roll

  • Collect 8 Diplomat Status Documents for immunity while travelling.
  • Fend off a rebel group on your way back.
  • Place 20 Tanks around your empire to protect yourself.

Rewards: Viperfish Submarine (Tier 5 Gunboat, 250 Strength, US99), Target Jammer II, 5 Element Z

4 - Internal Conflict

  • Ask for 7 Battle Strategists to chalk out your moves.
  • Pillage 120 times to gather information on rebel activity.
  • Gather 100 {Ore} to power some heavy duty units.

Rewards: LE Fox Tank (Tier 5, 285 Strength, UM35), 10 Energy, 450 Oil

5 - Smarter Move

  • Request 10 GPS Scramblers so the enemy can't locate us.
  • Build 30 Air Units to station at your respective zones.
  • Deploy 25 Grunt Soldiers. They're the best suited for this job.

Rewards: Elite P61 Black Widow (Tier 5 Bomber, 320 Strength, UA25), Evasion II, 3500 Coins

6 - Dealing with Differences

  • Collect 12 Military Medical Aid Kits to help the wounded.
  • Complete 45 Waves of Survival Mode. Now that's a challenge.
  • Win 35 Battle Blitz fights using Land Units.

Rewards: Elite Zumwalt (Tier 5 Battleship, 350 Strength, US37), Field Repairs III, 5 Liberty Bonds

7 - Shake on That

  • Ask for 15 Tranquilizer Bullets to knock out the rebels.
  • Win 35 World Domination fights and show those rebels who not to mess with.
  • Use the Experimental healing ability 35 times in Battle. Your ally needs it.

Rewards: Army Motorcycle (Tier 6 Infantry, 370 Strength, UL68), Accuracy III, 300 {Ore}

8 - Celebrating Freedom

  • Ask for 15 Honor Pins to award your brave soldiers.
  • Earn 750 Black Hearts. All press is good press they say.
  • Harvest 80 Wheat for the relief program.

Rewards: Elite Vulture Copter (Tier 5 Airship, 390 Strength, UA83), Air Strike III, 9999 Coins

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Leatherback Carriers (Tier 8, 1050 Strength, UT70)

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