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Some of these are not strictly hacks.  Some of these may be patched, even if it's not indicated as so.

*** Hack - no article

Limited Edition Unit Factory Hack (? PATCHED June 4, 2012)

Mastery Exchange Hack - no article

Super Ore Mine Hack (PATCHED May 17, 2012 ?)

Survival Mode Hack Using Charles Proxy (PATCHED May 3, 2012)

Survival Mode Hack Using Cheat Engine (PATCHED May 3, 2012)

World Domination Bug: Can't Attack

Depot Hack Using Cheat Engine (PATCHED April 12, 2012)

How To Sell Unsellable Objects #2

How To Sell Unsellable Objects

Expansion Hack #2 (PATCHED)

Expansion Hack (PATCHED)

Cheats and Exploits - This was an announcement made by Zynga on the E&A forums.


  1. It is not cheating..... It is just catching up to what Zynga steals from you! With all of the 'out of sync errors' and resources lost when you buy the off your neighbours.... The more Zynga patch and change the game, the more I hate it! I can't even buy resources for coins now! I never knew these cheats before Zynga patched them, explains how I had my ass kicked so bad though. Since last year, I have waited for the mission campaigns, which has said 'coming in a few weeks' for what, 8 months now? Zynga is useless and if the focused as much on making the game better than they do patching things so even honest users can't play then they would have the best game going! I am still pissed that I just spent 400,000 coins on wood when the out of sync error took my 20,000 wood away with my money!!!

  2. Sean, it seems they started deleting all those creation that we made. You can't hide your Tier units now, anything from Tier 7 to Tier 8 units, they started deleting them. I am very much sure that the Empire and Allies games will be totally affected of what they are doing. Most of the users were backing out now. The Empire and Allies games that was been popular, will be abandoned soon by majority of the players. They don't think about what will be the outcome of what they are doing. If they only leave what they have now and study how to block the future one, might be the good choice. At least they can still keep their players. They can create more new units that much more higher than the Tier 7 and 8 that can pull them down. I thought, that what they are going to do when they started creating Beacon Submarines. They will lost their players if they will not stop of what they are doing now. Thanks for what you did.. at least you let us experience and enjoy the game. More power to you Sean and keep it up..

  3. hahahaha ill throw a few hundred nuke 3 at them