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Beacon Submarine

The Beacon Submarine will be the next and tenth Tier 8 unit of the Crimson Hand Battalion to be released.  It is a Gunboat with base Strength of 1200 and comes fully upgraded with 1440 Strength--higher than that of the other nine existing Tier 8 units.  The Beacon's item code is UT35.

According to the pre-released image, the upgraded Strength of the Beacon is 1440, which is much higher (+33.3%) than the 1080 Strength of the Artemis and the Gordon Bomber.  The pre-released game files also indicate that the Beacon's Tier is 8.  This information may be incorrect and Zynga may update it in the near future.  It would be more consistent for such a huge jump in Strength to belong to a Tier 9 unit.

According to Wikipedia, the ordinary meaning of Beacon is:
"A beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location."
Here is the Beacon in its docking station:

Here is how the Beacon appears when you face it in combat:

The Beacon was "unofficially" released on May 10(?), 2012.  It was officially released on May 11(?), 2012 (depending on your time zone.)

Tier 8 Units

So far, the list of special Tier 8 units is:

  • The Chimera (Artillery, 960 Strength) UL49
  • The Kraken (Gunboat, 960 Strength) US54
  • The Harpy (Fighter, 960 Strength) UA68
  • The Cerberus (Tank, 1020 Strength) UM14
  • The Poseidon USV (Battleship, 1020 Strength) US91
  • The Pegasus (Airship, 1020 Strength) UB05
  • The Triton (Carrier, 1080 Strength) UT09
  • The Artemis (Infantry, 1080 Strength) UM43
  • The Gordon (Bomber, 1080 Strength) UB30
  • The Beacon (Gunboat, 1440 Strength) UT35


  1. is there any hack that works with these codes? i've used your expansion, depot and survival hacks in the past with wonderful results. thanks for the great clear directions.

  2. Too bad Survival Mode Hack ain't gonna work on this one :'(

  3. Hey guys please post new ideas here in any new hack...Thanks for sharing!!

  4. zynga removed all m tier8 units today, i think they started removing hacked units :(