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The Scion

The Scion will be the next and 14th Tier 8 unit to be released.  It is an Artillery unit with base Strength of 1300 and comes fully upgraded with 1560 Strength--the same as for the Kilowatt (Battleship) and higher than the other existing Tier 8 units.  The Scion's item code is UM83.

The Scion is the strongest Artillery in Empires & Allies now.  It is tied with the Kilowatt for being the strongest military unit in the entire game.

Trivia: Scion is a line of cars made by Toyota.

Here is the Scion in its docking station:

Here is how the Scion appears when you face it in combat:

Tier 8 Units

So far, the list of Tier 8 units is:

  1. The Chimera (Artillery, 960 Strength) UL49
  2. The Kraken (Gunboat, 960 Strength) US54
  3. The Harpy (Fighter, 960 Strength) UA68
  4. The Cerberus (Tank, 1020 Strength) UM14
  5. The Poseidon USV (Battleship, 1020 Strength) US91
  6. The Pegasus (Airship, 1020 Strength) UB05
  7. The Triton (Carrier, 1080 Strength) UT09
  8. The Artemis (Infantry, 1080 Strength) UM43
  9. The Gordon (Bomber, 1080 Strength) UB30
  10. The Beacon (Gunboat, 1440 Strength) UT35
  11. The Nimitzern (Infantry, 1440 Strength) UM71
  12. The Venom (Fighter, 1440 Strength) UB52
  13. The Kilowatt (Battleship, 1560 Strength) UT49
  14. The Scion (Artillery, 1560) UM83

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