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Quest Story: Perilous Pursuit

This is the quest-story version of the guide.

  • Quest #32
  • Lasts April 30, 2012 – May 29, 2012
  • All paths can be done simultaneously.
  • Some tasks have lower requirements for players  level 50 or lower.

Red Rampage 16

Red Rampage 16 will come out on May 1, 2012.  The new units are:

 Tier  Unit Strength  Code
5 Elite Gyrfalcon 02 VTOL  320UB28
5 Elite Scorpion Artillery 360 UM54 
6 Elite Moray Submarine 530UT26
6 Elite Fox Tank660 UM53
7 Elite Locust Bomber 780UB29

Dangerous Deployments 4

Dangerous Deployments 4 was released on April 30, 2012.  The new units are:

Tier UnitStrength Code
4 Washington T4 Tank 230 UM52 
5 Roosevelt V3 Infantry  240UM51
5 Cooper Bomber350 UB26
6 Razor Fighter560 UB27
6 Longinus Missile* 700PT67
7 Tanay Carrier790 UT25

The Longinus Missile is a Titan shoulder of Artillery class.

Favorite Tier 8 Unit

On April 16, 2012, I set up a Facebook poll asking which Tier 8 unit in Empires & Allies is your favorite one.  The Gordon Bomber was not included at that time.  Here are the results of that poll as of today.

The Artemis--the newest released unit in the poll--was by far the winner with almost 64% of the votes.  The second most popular Tier 8 unit was the Chimera with only 11.6% of the votes.  The Poseidon USV came in third with 8.4% of the vote.  The least popular were the Harpy, Pegasus, Triton, and Kraken.

Tier 8 Unit  Votes%
 Cerberus13 5.2%
 Artemis159 63.9%
 Kraken9 3.6%
 Triton7 2.8%
 Poseidon USV 21 8.4%
 Harpy5 2.0%
 Pegasus6 2.4%
 Total249 100.0%

Another poll on Facebook has been started and includes the Gordon Bomber:

Be sure to check out all the choices by clicking "3 More...".  Some players might have forgotten to do that on the previous poll, which may explain why the Harpy and Pegasus received so few votes.

Codes: Government & Houses

Government buildings have subtype="civic".  Houses have subtype="residential".

Government Buildings Code+PopCap
Town HallC01
Executive MansionCA4 150
Federal CourthouseSF3 200
Maritime AcademyCA3 400
National ArchivesCA7 500
Federal PrisonCA8600
State MediaCA5700
Opera HouseSF9750
Spy AgencyCA6800
Space Exploration CenterCA9 2000
Satellite Tracking CenterBC01 2250
Engineering OfficeBC02 2500
Special Houses Code+Pop
French CottageSG350
Alpine HausSH0460
Small Greek HouseH10 140
Greek HouseH11150
Large Greek HouseH12 200
Small Modern HouseH28 80
Modern HouseH32160
Large Modern HouseH35 220
Small Craftsman HouseH27 60
Craftsman HouseH31 140
Large Craftsman HouseH33 180
Small Blue Island HutH25 20
Blue Island HutH29 100
Large Blue Island HutH34 200
Small White Island HutH26 40
White Island HutH30 120
Large White Island HutH36 240
Houses - Holidays Code+Pop
Small Haunted HouseBL01 70
Medium Haunted HouseBL02 160
Large Haunted HouseBL03 250
Gingerbread HouseBD56 120
Houses - Military Code+Pop
Tee PeeBL04180
Italian Army QuartersBB15 200
Turkish Army QuartersBB16 200
Civil War CampsiteBB17 220

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Bonus Decor: Turkmen Assembly

The Turkmen Assembly is a bonus decor of size 3 x 3 x 3 and has a medium area of effect (2 cells).  It gives a 20% bonus to Coins earned from housing and a 20% bonus to resources earned from resource buildings.  It has item code is DB07 and subtype "decoration".

It's been added to the "Codes: Bonus Decors" page.

Bonus Decor: Intelligence Bureau

The Intelligence Bureau is a bonus decor of size 3 x 3 x 3 and has a medium area of effect (2 cells).  It gives a 12% Coin discount to military production and 2x the payout for repelling invasions.  It has item code is DB06 and subtype "decoration".

It's been added to the "Codes: Bonus Decors" page.

The Gordon Bomber

The Gordon will be the next and ninth (and last?) Tier 8 unit of the Crimson Hand Battalion to be released.  It is a Bomber with base Strength of 900 and comes fully upgraded with 1080 Strength--the same as for the Triton Carrier and the Artemis, and higher than that of the first six Tier 8 units.  The Gordon Bomber's item code is UB30.

Quest: Intelligence Infiltrators

Okay, this is the short version of the quest guide.  It omits almost all of the story-line, but includes all the task details and rewards.  I've actually been doing these guides manually before, but finally took the time to write a PHP script that builds these guides for me.

  • Quest #31
  • Lasts April 23, 2012 – May 22, 2012
  • Some tasks have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

A group of intelligence agents at the core of our intelligence headquarters have been working together without our knowledge. They've taken things too far, however by infiltrating Crestonia's intelligence agencies and now we've got to explain ourselves.

A cold war is the last thing we need right now, find these agents and set things right.

Quest Story: Intelligence Infiltrators

I am experimenting by making two posts for this quest.  This first one will include the story-line but not the required numbers in the quest tasks or the rewards.  This is for those interested in the story-line of the quest.  The second one will omit the story-line but contain the other details.

  • Quest #31
  • Lasts April 23, 2012 – May 22, 2012

Red Rampage 15

Red Rampage 15 will be released tomorrow, April 24, 2012.  The new units are:

  • Elite Snakehead Submarine (Tier 5, 240 Strength) UT23
  • Elite Shirike Fighter (Tier 5, 360 Strength) UB25
  • Elite Leatherback Carrier (Tier 6, 530 Strength) UT22
  • Elite Gyrfalcon 01 VTOL (Tier 6 Bomber, 600 Strength) UB24
  • Elite Wombat Tank (Tier 7, 810 Strength) UM50

Dangerous Deployments 3

Dangerous Deployments 3 is coming out today, April 23, 2012.  The new units are:

  • Karmen Infantry (Tier 4, 155 Strength) UM48
  • Rizla Battleship (Tier 5, 380 Strength) UT21
  • Goalkeeper Submarine (Tier 6, 580 Strength) UT20
  • Ronan Copter (Tier 6, 600 Strength) UB23
  • Razor Artillery (Tier 6, 620 Strength) UM49

Survival Mode Hack Using Charles Proxy

[PATCHED May 3, 2012]

The Depot Hack was patched on April 12, 2012.  Soon after, I published the article "Survival Mode Hack Using Cheat Engine".  In response, I received many comments (most of which I did not publish) that would have been unnecessary if the person making the comment had read the article carefully all the way through.  Don't make the same mistake with this article.

This article will explain essentially the same hack but using Charles Proxy instead of Cheat Engine.  You should take advantage of this hack and make as many items as you want before the hack is patched!

Dangerous Deployments 2

Dangerous Deployments 2 came out on April 16, 2012.  The units released are not that interesting except for lower-level players and collectors.  Here they are:

  • Cheetah Infantry (Tier 5, 160 Strength) UM46
  • Heron Bomber (Tier 4, 210 Strength) UB22
  • Cooper Hawk Fighter (Tier 5, 240 Strength) UB21
  • Broman Tank (Tier 5, 260 Strength) UM47
  • Basilosaurus Carrier (Tier 6, 600 Strength) UT19
  • Siege Mattock - Titan arm (Tier 6 Artillery, 675 Strength) PT66

Red Rampage 14

Red Rampage 14 will be released on April 17, 2012.  The five new units are:
  • Elite Viperfish Submarine (280), UT18
  • Elite Armadillo Artillery (400), UM44
  • Elite Terrier Infantry (480), UM45
  • Elite Flying Fox Fighter (530), UB20
  • Elite Hammerhead Battleship (820), UT17

Quest: Grave Danger

  • Quest #30
  • Lasts April 16, 2012 – May 15, 2012
  • All paths can be done simultaneously.
  • Some tasks have lower requirements for players level 50 or lower.

The Graves Girls are rich, spoiled twin sisters with a penchant for explosives and psychopathic violence. They're fighting over a boy, who happens to be Steele. Gina has kidnapped Steele, leaving Tina in a crazy, violent frenzy, threatening to destroy us all!

How much money does Zynga make from sales of Tier 8 units? #2

In my earlier article, "How much money does Zynga make from sales of Tier 8 Units?", I estimated how many total Triton Carriers were offered for sale and from that how much money Zynga makes from sales of these and other Tier 8 units.  Here is an update using data on the newest Tier 8 unit, the Artemis Infantry.

Survival Mode Hack Using Cheat Engine

[PATCHED May 3, 2012]

The Depot Hack was patched on April 12, 2012.  Here is another hack to take its place.  Better take advantage of it before it's patched as well!

The Survival Mode Hack has been around for a while, but was never as well-known as the Depot Hack.  However, it has been spreading very quickly in the last week, and even more now since the Depot Hack has been patched.

The Grand Citadel

"Build the Grand Citadel for a 12% acceleration on military production."

The Grand Citadel is coming soon!  It's unofficial name in the game code is "Futuristic Kremlin".  It shortens military contract duration by 12% and cannot be crewed.

Size: 3 x 3 x 3
Area of Effect: 2 cells away
Code: DB05

The Artemis

The Artemis will be the next and eighth Tier 8 unit of the Crimson Hand Battalion to be released.  It is an Infantry unit with base Strength of 900 and comes fully upgraded with 1080 Strength--the same as for the Triton Carrier and higher than the first six Tier 8 units.  The Artemis' item code is UM43.

The Tank icon in the image is probably incorrect.  The game files indicate that the Artemis is of the Infantry class.  This would make more sense since there is an existing Tier 8 Tank in the Cerberus.

Codes: Trees

This work was done by request of some readers.  I decided to make pictures instead of tables with words.  It was kind of tedious to do since I don't find decorating my empire that interesting.  If you pass along my images, please credit me.

The Green Shrub and Cypress Tree can be bought from the decorations tab of the Build menu; they have subtype="decoration".  All the other items on this page have subtype="plant".

Have fun decorating!

World Domination Bug: Can't Attack

There are several different bugs that players encounter when trying to fight in World Domination.  With one bug, you can't select an opponent to attack as in the following images:

Survival Mode 3.0 - April 2012

Survival Mode 3.0 is about to get a refresh of the rewards.  All of the unit rewards will be changed as well as some of the other rewards.

Red Rampage 13

Red Rampage 13 will be released on April 10, 2012.

 Tier  Unit Strength  Code
5 Elite Goshawk Fighter 290UB17
6 Elite Bull Tank450  UM40 
6 Elite Pterosaur Bomber 580UB18
6 Elite Twin Orca Battleship  670UT13
7 Elite Stonefish Carrier 730UT12

Dangerous Deployments 1

Dangerous Deployments 1 will be released on April 9, 2012.

Tier Unit Strength  Code
4 Ophion Submarine200 UT14
5 Cronus Battleship 310UT15
5 Barosaurus Artillery  350UM42
5 Iguanodon Tank360  UM41 
6 Tigerfly Copter510 UB19

Ordinance Outrage 6

Ordinance Outrage 6 was released on April 2, 2012.

This is old, but someone requested it.

 Tier  Unit  Class   Strength    Code  
4 Moray SubmarineGunboat140 UT10
5 Gyrfalcon 02 VTOL  Fighter260UB13
5 Fox TankTank285UM35
5 Scorpion Artillery Artillery 315UM36
6 Locust BomberBomber530UB14
6 Boomer Pod (Titan shoulder)  Artillery600PT65

DO NOT use Titan codes with the Depot Hack!

This is unrelated to Empires & Allies, but I wanted to share it:

"Don't Be Evil: How Google Screwed a Startup" -

Related articles about this from:

Business Insider
The Economist
Silicon Prairie News
Des Moines Register

Quest: Secret Ingredient

  • Quest #29
  • Lasts April 9, 2012 – May 8, 2012

A top secret conference for only the most distinguished heads of military, politics and science is about to reveal a formula which unlocks a synthetic duplication of Element Z. Only certain people will be given access to this formula, we are among them.

Imagine an unlimited supply of Element Z in the hands of the Dark Alliance. They definitely won't be getting any.

1 – Chaos
  • Collect 5 Holographic Notepads. They'll keep you connected.
  • Use 500 {ore} to help power what's left of the facility. [less for lower levels]
  • Fight the Dark Alliance, they're trying to take the formula!
Rewards:  Army Ambulance, 500 Coins, Accuracy I

2 – The Race
  • Collect 10 Oxygen Masks to help the injured.
  • Deal 80,000 damage with tanks to fend off attacks from the DA. [20,000 for levels 12-30; 60,000 for levels 31-50] -- YOU use tanks, not fight them
  • Speed up 50 neighbors' barracks to gain support.
Rewards:  Elite Snow Infantry [Tier 5, 220 Strength], 1 Liberty Bond, Explosive Ammo I

3 – Knock Out
  • Collect 15 Resuscitation Kits to wake everyone up.
  • Survive 50 waves in Survival Mode to strengthen your resistance. [40 for levels 12-50]
  • Build 6 strike teams to repel invasions while you're away.
Rewards:  Elite Condor Bomber [Tier 5, 250 Strength], 500 Oil, 5 Energy

4 – Woman Down
  • Get 15 Emergency Surgery Kits to operate on Owari.
  • Win 75 Battle Blitz fights to survive the constant attacks.
  • Harvest 200 Chilli Peppers. It'll help Owari regain consciousness. [60 for levels 12-30; 120 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Bismarck [Tier 5 Battleship, 275 Strength], 5 Element Z, Field Repairs II

5 – The Hills are Alive
  • Collect 15 Military Grade Snow Boots to trek in these conditions.
  • Harvest 200 Corn to survive up in the cold. [60 for levels 12-30; 120 for levels 31-50]
  • Destroy 100 Fighters and keep the Dark Alliance away.
Rewards:  Elite Rhino AFV [Tier 5 Tank, 310 Strength], 500 Wood, Air Strike II

6 – Winter Camp
  • Collect 20 Electric Blankets to stay warm.
  • Win 50 World Domination Fights and destroy the Dark Alliance. [40 for levels 12-50] (Must be from “Global” tab, not “Rivals tab!)
  • Earn 4 Mastery Tokens. [2 for levels 12-30; 3 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Turkish F16 [Tier 5 Fighter, 340 Strength], 5 Liberty Bonds, Hunker Down II

7 – Cave Man
  • Collect 20 Industrial Torches to find your way through the cave.
  • Deploy 50 Bombers to take on the Dark Alliance armies.
  • Pillage your neighbors' 200 times for information on the Dark Alliance. [100 for levels 12-30; 150 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Elite Vulture Copter [Tier 5, 390 Strength], 400 {ore}, 15 Energy

8 – Avalanche
  • Call in 20 Search and Rescue teams to look for Hellman's assistant.
  • Repel 50 invasions on your Empire. [30 for levels 12-30; 40 for levels 31-50]
  • Deal 150,000 damage to Air Units so you can make a safe escape. [100,000 for levels 12-30; 150,000 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Elite I400 Sub Carrier [Tier 6 Carrier, 420 Strength], 8000 Coins, Evasion III

Final Rewards:  5 SpecOps Wiesel MK20 Tankettes [Tier 7 Tank, 810 Strength]

Codes: Energy and Z


Energy Packs Code
1 EnergyEN1
2 EnergyEN2
3 EnergyEN3
5 EnergyEN4
10 EnergyEN5
15 EnergyEN6
25 EnergyEN7
Element Z Packs Code
1 Element ZMA1
2 Element ZMA2
3 Element ZMA3
5 Element ZMA4
10 Element ZMA5
15 Element ZMA6

Codes: Power-ups

I included the Tier 1 and 2 power-ups just in case they might be useful (such as for quests).


Nukes Code
Tactical NukeN37
Tactical Nuke IIN72
Tactical Nuke IIIN73
Power-ups (Tier 3) Code
Field Repairs IIIN25
Explosive Ammo IIIN26
Air Strike IIIN28
Missile Strike IIIN29
Hunker Down IIIN30
Target Jammer IIIN31
Accuracy IIIN32
Evasion IIIN33
Poison Gas IIIN36
Power-ups (Tier 2) Code
Field Repairs IIN13
Explosive Ammo IIN14
Air Strike IIN16
Missile Strike IIN17
Hunker Down IIN18
Target Jammer IIN19
Accuracy IIN20
Evasion IIIN21
Poison Gas IIN24
Power-ups (Tier 1) Code
Field Repairs IN01
Explosive Ammo IN02
Air Strike IN04
Missile Strike IN05
Hunker Down IN06
Target Jammer IN07
Accuracy IN08
Evasion IN09
Poison Gas IN12

Codes: Bonus Decors

All have subtype="decoration" except for Missile Launch Station, which has subtype="military".

Bonus D├ęcor Code Military
Area of Effect: Small (1 cell)
Kite ParkDB04 30%
Army Boxing GymDB02 20%
Military MarchDB01 15%15
Naval Officer's ClubDB03 20%20%
Land Weapons CenterBB20 20%
Sea Weapons CenterBB19 15%
Air Weapons CenterBB21 15%
Area of Effect: Medium (2 cells)
Switching CenterBB09 8% / 16%
Recycling CenterBB08 10% / 20%12 / 24
Propeller ShopBB02 3% / 6%
Tire FactoryBB01 3% / 6%
Alpini TrainingDE22 4% / 8%
Army Combat TrainingSK1 4% / 8%
Intelligence Bureau (1)DB06 12%
Cyber Warfare Facility (2) DB08 10%
Dog ParkDB12 30%
Turkmen AssemblyDB07 20%20%
Heavenly Ruler's PalaceDE20 15%15%
La Station Militaire (3)DE20 15%15%
Area of Effect: Large (3 cells)
Defused Element Z BombDE21 3%
Petroleum RefineryBB04 5% / 10%5% / 10%
Wind FarmBB03 5% / 10%5% / 10%
Beer HallBB06 5% / 10%6% / 12%
ExterminatorsBB05 5% / 10%6% / 12%
Small LibraryBB07 5% / 10%10 / 20
Communications CenterBB135% / 10%10% / 20%
Crystal PalaceBB14 14%15 / 30
Missile Launch StationAMS 15%
VR Training Simulator (4)DB13 20%
The Grand Citadel (5)DB05
Neighborhood (6)BB24
Amity Naval Station (7)DB10
Commando Assault Yard (8)CAY
Farm Camp (9)DB11
Prison Camp (10)BB23
Drone Command Center (11)BB27
Mount Losavius (12)DB13

  • If there are two numbers in a cell, they are the uncrewed and crewed bonuses.
  • Military Discount = the discount in Coins (not oil or ore) when building military units
  • Housing Bonus = the bonus in Coins you get when collecting rent from houses
  • Resources Bonus = the bonus in resources you get when harvesting oil, wood, or ore
  • +Staff Visits = the extra visits applied to your government buildings when you collect Coins from them

  • (1) Intelligence Bureau also gives 2x the payout for repelling invasions
  • (2) Cyber Warfare Facility: also gives a one-time upgrade to Army Depot
  • (3) La Station Militaire: decreases military contract duration by 15%
  • (4) VR Training Simulator: also gives 30% army research acceleration
  • (5) The Grand Citadel ("Futuristic Kremlin") - decreases military contract duration by 12%
  • (6) Neighborhood: Blocks 1, 2, and 3 have a 5%, 7%, and 10% bonus on Coins collected, respectively
  • (7) Amity Naval Station: gives one-time upgrade to Naval Depot; defends against invasions (range 8)
  • (8) Commando Assault Yard: when activated, Land units do extra damage for 15 minutes
  • (9) Farm Camp: 5, 10, and 15 prisoners give 15%, 30%, and 45% speed-ups, respectively, to Farms
  • (10) Prison Camp: gives 1.5 or 2 times XP depending on number of prisoners captured
  • (11) Drone Command Center: increases invasion area for 15 minutes; reactivation time 24 hrs
  • (12) Mount Losavius: allows you to build packs of 50 Energy

All of the buildings are 2 x 2 cells big, except the following:
  • 1 x 1: Defused Element Z Bomb
  • 3 x 3: Missile Launch Station, Crystal Palace, Intelligence Bureau, The Grand Citadel, Turkmen Assembly, Cyber Warfare Facility, Drone Command Center
  • 4 x 4: Heavenly Ruler's Palace, La Station Militaire, Neighborhood, Amity Naval Station, Commando Assault Yard, Prison Camp

I've omitted the less interesting bonus decors such as the park-related ones, walls, towers, etc. Some of the park-related decors are interesting for aesthetic reasons and those I shall include on a different page.

Codes: Resource Buildings

Some readers have been asking for these codes, so here they are.  More codes to come later.

Resource Building SubtypeCode
Famine Relief FarmproductionBR01
Lumber MillproductionR01
Lumber Mill IIproductionR05
Lumber Mill IIIproductionR06
Oil WellproductionR02
Oil Well IIproductionR07
Oil Well IIIproductionR08
Ore MineproductionR03
Ore Mine IIproductionR09
Ore Mine IIIproductionR10
Super Ore MineproductionS01
Element Z Refinery 1productionZR01
Element Z Refinery 2decoration QR02
Energy CradleEnergy_boosterEZ01
Element Z Colliderproduction EZC1

Element Z Refinery
  • ZR01 (production) - This one is buildable and can be sold.
  • QR02 (decoration) - This one is from a quest and comes built!  It cannot be sold directly.

Depot Hack using Cheat Engine

[UPDATE, April 12, 2012: This hack appears to be patched now.  Try the new Survival Mode Hack.]

This is the most popular E&A hack.  I'm sure Zynga has known how it works for a long time, which is why I don't hesitate in publishing it.  Why they haven't fixed it for so long is another story I'll get into some other day.

It's the reason you see Chimera and Cerberus units lining the streets everywhere.  It's the reason Poseidon USV and Kraken clones litter the seas of so many empires.  It's the reason the honest and the ignorant fear to enter World Domination (or are too disgusted to do so).

This is the answer for all those people who keep asking what codes are for.

This is the Depot Hack!

The essence of the hack is to transform a military unit into some other item in the game.  It's most common for this other item to be a more powerful military unit, especially one of the Tier 8 units.  However, that's not the only possibility.   Units can also be transformed into buildings, decorations, trees, and other items.

There are many variations to this hack.  I will present just one basic approach using Cheat Engine.  There will be an article in the future on how to do a similar hack using Charles Proxy.

Item Codes

First, you need to understand that every item in the game has an item code that uniquely identifies it.  This item code consists of 3 or 4 letters or numbers.  All the letters come before the numbers.

For instance:
  • Cadet Soldiers - U01
  • Tactical ATV - SU03
  • Support Craft - US15
  • Starfire - SU05

A restriction with the Cheat Engine approach is that you can only transform units with codes of length 3 into items that also have codes of length 3.  Similarly, you can only transform units with codes of length 4 into items with codes of length 4.  Most high-level units have codes of length 4, so to get these units, you need to start with units that also have codes of length 4.


As a prerequisite for this hack, you must own at least one depot with enough free space to hold your newly created units (or just one free space if you don't mind moving things out as needed).  For convenience, you should own all three types of depots: Army Depots, Naval Depots, and Air Depots.

A drawback of this is that you won't be able to easily put newly created units that are queued in military buildings directly into your inventory.  If you want to do that, you can sell the units to a trusted neighbor and buy them back.

Military Production Buildings

You need a source of units for the hack to transform.  It's most convenient to use units that are cheap and quick to build.  For the Cheat Engine approach, it is convenient to use the following buildings to produce the following units as a source for the hack:

  • Barracks I - Cadet Soldiers (U01) -- use only to get items with codes of length 3
  • Experimental Barracks - Tactical ATV (SU03)
  • Experimental Shipyard - Support Craft (US15)
  • Experimental Hangar - Starfire (SU05)

Step 1 - Preparation

As an example, I will demonstrate how to create a Poseidon USV from a Support Craft.  You should have at least one Experimental Shipyard and at least one Naval Depot.

Build a Support Craft in a Naval Depot.  Do this for as many depots as you want units to transform.  Wait until the units are built.  DO NOT click on the Experimental Shipyards yet.

Step 2 - Set Up Cheat Engine

Set up Cheat Engine by using the button in the upper left to select the process belonging to your browser.  For most browsers, you select the process that has a similar name to the browser's name.  Firefox is an exception.  For Firefox, select the process that contains the phrase "plugin-container".  In the image below, you can see that I selected the process "00001DF4-plugin-container.exe".

Step 3 - Transform Code

Next, change the "Value Type" to "Text".  In the "Text" field, enter "US15" (this is the code for a Support Craft) WITH quotation marks.  Hit "New Scan" then "First Scan".  The results will show up in the box on the left side.

Highlight all the results (select the first one, hold down shift, then either press the "End" key or keep hitting "Page Down").  Hit the red arrow button to move the results to the bottom box.  Highlight all the results in the bottom box (select one of the entries by left-click and then hit Ctrl-A).  Hit the Enter key.  In the pop-up, enter "US91" (this is the code for a Poseidon USV) WITH quotation marks.

Note: Whenever I do this particular search, I usually get exactly one result, which makes things a bit easier.  You may or may not get just one result like I do.  Using quotation marks in the search narrows down the results a lot.

This is what Cheat Engine looks like after you've done all this:

Step 4 - Transform Unit

Click on one of the Experimental Shipyards.  Click on one of your Naval Depots.  You might see a brief message pop up.  It might say "+1 Support Craft" or "+1 Poseidon USV".  You might not see any message at all.

If you check inside your Naval Depot, you might see one of two images:

If you see the Poseidon USV image, you're good to go!  It's recommended and tactful to keep such units inside your depots.

If you see the Support Craft image with "102" Strength, you may have to refresh your game to see it transformed into a Poseidon USV.

If you see a Support Craft image with its regular Strength of 85, then you probably did something wrong (unless this is a working variation I haven't seen before).

Repeat this step with all the other Support Crafts you've built that you want to transform.

DO NOT try to build more Support Crafts immediately, as that will force your game to refresh.

Step 5 - Refresh or Transform Code Back

If you want, you can refresh your game to reset everything except the units you've just transformed.  If you want to stay in your game and build more Support Crafts immediately, you can just go back to Cheat Engine and change the "US91" back to "US15".  Do this before transforming other types of units.

Other Considerations

Generally, players transform Support Crafts into other naval units, Tactical ATV's into other land units, and Starfire's into other air units.  You don't really have to do this.  For instance, you can transform a Support Craft into a naval, land, or air unit, but you do have to place it into a naval depot.

In fact, you can transform into non-military units as well!  This is a great way of getting decors that cost Empire Points (e.g., Recycling Centers) or that are currently unavailable (Dragon Statues, Orange Trees, etc.).  It is also a good way to bypass the outrageous scaling costs of resource buildings such as Oil Well III's, Lumber Mill III's, and Ore Mine III's.  If you build decors or resource buildings and want to place them, just click on them within their depot and place them.

Keep in mind, however, that many decors and building have codes of length 3.  For these, you will have to produce units that have codes with length 3.  The most convenient units to use are Cadet Soldiers (U01).

One way to get many Coins is to use the Depot Hack to create Engineering Offices (BC02).  Once an Engineering Office is in your Depot, place it somewhere in your empire and then sell it.  Each one you sell gives you 150,000 Coins.

This method, as it is, does not work for consumable items such as Power-ups and Energy packs.  You can do the transformation and place them into your depots.  The problem is that they get stuck there.  As far as I know, you cannot move them to your inventory or even use them.

Check my other pages, especially the tabs near the top, for codes.

Red Rampage 12

Red Rampage 12 will be released on April 3, 2012.  The new units released are listed here:

 Tier   Unit   Strength    Code  
6 Elite Sea Dragon Submarine  380UT11
6 Elite Flying Squirrel VTOL510UB16
6 Elite Toad Artillery530UM37
7 Elite Sky Whale Bomber700UB15
7 Elite Flea Infantry740UM38

The Elite Flying Squirrel VTOL is a Fighter.

The Elite Flea Infantry will be the new strongest Infantry, beating out the Elite Mantis Infantry by 15 Strength.

Quest: Rebels and Refugees

  • Quest #28
  • Lasts:  April 2, 2012 – May 1, 2012
  • You can progress through all paths simultaneously.
  • Some of the requirements may vary from those stated for some players due to experiments being run by Zynga.
  • Top path final rewards: 5 SpecOps Vulture Copters
  • Bottom path final rewards: 5 SpecOps Condor Bombers

Nastos is one of the most hostile places in the world. Their government is corrupt through and through, everybody owns a weapon and safety is a luxury no one can afford. We need a well thought through plan.

An influx of refugees has brought the world's attention to an oppressed nation, ridden with war. A nation called Nastos.

1 – Help Has Arrived 
  • Ask for 5 Glucose IV Bags for the extremely malnourished. 
  • Win 10 Fights in Battle Blitz to prepare for future unrest. [8 for levels 12-30]
  • Collect 150 {ore} to manufacture supplies for the refugees. [50 for levels 12-30; 100 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  UAV Drone [Tier 4 Fighter, 200 Strength], 5 Element Z, Explosive Ammo I


2a – Neighbor Niceties 
  • Ask for 5 units of Medical Supplies to care for the refugees. 
  • Place 15 Sea Units to defend your nation. [5 for levels 12-30; 10 for levels 31-50]
  • Speed up 25 neighbors' farms to gather more supplies. 
Rewards:  Elite HMS Hood [Tier 4 Battleship, 225 Strength], 350 Wood, Missile Strike I

3a1 – In the Heart of Hostility 
  • Hire 10 Armed Body Guards, your best agents. These guys will take a bullet for you.
  • Repel 20 Invasions to keep your people and the refugees safe while you're away. [10 for levels 12-30]
  • Battle the attacking rebels. 
Rewards:  SpecOps Night Ops [Tier 5 Bomber, 275 Strength], 1000 Coins, 10 Energy

3a2 – Frenemies 
  • Organize 10 Press Passes for the invited media representatives. 
  • Survive 50 Waves in Survival Mode. If you thought battles were bad, wait till you meet the press. [30 for levels 12-30; 40 for levels 31-50]
  • Harvest 30,000 Oil to gift to Nastos in exchange for their cooperation. [7500 for levels 12-30; 15,000 for levels 31-50] (Use the Marketplace trick.  Place 30,000 Oil in your Marketplace.  Then, instead of removing it, replace it with 1 Oil.)
Rewards:  Elite Panther Tank [Tier 5, 320 Strength], 100 {ore}, Field Repairs II

4a – Nasty Nastosians 
  • Organize 15 Bullet Proof Vehicles to keep the delegates safe. 
  • Fight 80 Battles in World Domination. [40 for levels 12-30; 60 for levels 31-50] (CAN WIN OR LOSE)
  • Collect 200,000 Coins to pay for more security. [50,000 for levels 12-30; 100,000 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Turkish Infantry [Tier 6, 360 Strength], 1500 Oil, Accuracy II

5a – In for a Treaty 
  • Gather 15 members of the Global Alliance to be witnesses to the signing. 
  • Pillage your neighbors 150 times to gather supplies for the celebrations. [50 for levels 12-30; 100 for levels 31-50]
  • Deploy 100 tanks to prepare for rebel attacks. [40 for levels 12-30; 80 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Koalitsja Tank [Tier 5, 350 Strength], 5 Liberty Bonds, Hunker Down III

Final Rewards:  5 SpecOps Vulture Copters [Tier 7 Airships, 800 Strength]


2b – Rebel Territory 
  • Hire 5 Sharp Shooters to hit the spot. 
  • Deal 25,000 damage to Land Units to get past Nastos' defenses. [15,000 for levels 12-30; 20,000 for levels 31-50]
  • Revive 50 crops from your neighbors' farms to earn some support. [20 for levels 12-30]
Rewards:  USS Enterprise [Tier 5 Carrier, 230 Strength], 1 Liberty Bond, Evasion I

3b – Rescue Mission
  • Collect 10 units of Night Camouflage to help keep you off the radar. 
  • Repel 80 invasions on your island to protect your people and the refugees. [25 for levels 12-30; 60 for levels 31-50] (CAN WIN OR LOSE)
  • Harvest 30,000 Oil to use on your mission. [7500 for levels 12-30; 15,000 for levels 31-50] (Use the Marketplace trick.  Place 30,000 Oil in your Marketplace.  Then, instead of removing it, replace it with 1 Oil.)
Rewards:  Elite Gripen Fighter [Tier 5, 280 Strength], 800 Oil, EMP I

4b1 – Weapons Ban 
  • Get 15 Spiked Roadblocks to intercept the supply vehicles. 
  • Harvest 150 Pineapples. When combined with the right ingredient, it makes a deadly explosive. [30 for levels 12-30; 65 for levels 31-50]
  • Win 80 World Dominance Fights using Air Units to gather more ammo. [40 for levels 12-30; 60 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Humber Hornet [Tier 5 Artillery, 330 Strength], 5 Element Z, Air Strike II

4b2 – Surprise from the Skies 
  • Collect 15 Rope Ladders to climb down from your Air Units. 
  • Deal 120,000 damage to Sea Units to prevent any more attacks. [50,000 for levels 12-30; 100,000 for levels 31-50]
  • Collect 200,000 Coins. Stealth missions are expensive business. [50,000 for levels 12-30; 100,000 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Elite Zummwalt [Tier 5 Battleship, 350 Strength], 3 Liberty Bonds, Target Jammer III

5b – Hit 'em where it Hurts 
  • Gather 15 members of the Global Alliance Tribunal to try the convicted individuals. 
  • Use 75 Power-Ups for greater effect. [25 for levels 12-30; 50 for levels 31-50]
  • Deploy 100 Carriers to prepare to go home. [40 for levels 12-30; 80 for levels 31-50]
Rewards:  Elite TF2000 [Tier 6 Gunboat, 400 Strength], 400 {ore}, 15 Energy

Final Rewards: 5 SpecOps Condor Bombers [Tier 7, 820 Strength]