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The Bombus Tank

The Bombus Tank will be the third Tier 9 unit to be released.  It is a Tank with base Strength of 1400 and comes fully upgraded with 1680 Strength--the same as for the Crimson Copter and the Alligator.  The Bombus Tank's item code is UN02.

Here is the Bombus Tank in its docking station:

[image to be included later]

Here is how the Bombus Tank appears when you face it in combat:

[image to be included later]

Tier 9 Units

So far, the list of Tier 9 units is:

  1. The Crimson Copter (Airship, 1680 Strength) UB65
  2. The Alligator (Carrier, 1680 Strength) UT71
  3. The Bombus Tank (1680 Strength) UN02

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