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Megaseries: The Alien Attack

  • Megaseries #2
  • Lasts from June 28, 2012 - August 02, 2012
  • Some tasks may have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

This is your wakeup call. There really is other life out there and they're paying you a very unwelcome visit. Prepare for a battle like never before!

Megaseries Story: The Alien Attack

1 - Star-struck!

  • Collect 5 Rock Boxes to gather samples from around the site.
  • Collect 20,000 Coins to buy your freedom if all else fails.
  • Clear 10 trees from Neighbors' Empires. You need wood to build barricades.

Rewards: Nuclear Sub Carrier (Tier 4, 210 Strength, US85), Evasion I, 3 Liberty Bonds

2 - Extraterrestrial Experts

  • Gather 6 UFO Specialists to study the crash site.
  • Earn 40 Red Hearts, to please Neighbors and get their support.
  • Harvest 30 Strawberries and serve with cream, as a team treat.

Rewards: Condor Bomber (Tier 5, 230 Strength, UA78), Hunker Down I, 840 Coins

3 - The Cover Up

  • Collect 8 Neutrino Systems to try and communicate with the aliens.
  • Collect 400 {Ore} to build more units, you may need them.
  • Pillage Neighbors 30 times; these are desperate times, so be selfish.

Rewards: Elite Super Lynx (Tier 5 Airship, 250 Strength, UA28), Missile Attack I, 5 Energy

4 - Space Thieves

  • Collect 10 Protection Suits to ensure zero alien contamination.
  • Win 45 Battle Blitz fights, to keep your men in top shape.
  • Harvest 40 Wheat as food reserves for your troops.

Rewards: LE Fox Tank (Tier 5, 285 Strength, UM35), EMP II, 850 Wood

5 - Force the Issue

  • Ask for 10 Ultrasonic Noise Protectors for your soldiers to wear.
  • Repel 30 invasions from Neighbors' Empires, so they help you fight the aliens, in return.
  • Earn 400 Black Hearts; it may fill those aliens with terror.

Rewards: LE Scorpion Artillery (Tier 5, 315 Strength, UM36), Accuracy II, 125 {Ore}

6 - Power Down!

  • Ask for 15 C4 Explosives to blow up the generators.
  • Survive 30 waves in Survival Mode and show them that you're tough!
  • Build 5 Power-Ups to gain the advantage in battle.

Rewards: Monitor Battleship (Tier 5, 340 Strength, US51), 10 Element Z, Explosive Ammo II

7 - That Bombed

  • Collect 15 Element Z Shells to bomb the bots.
  • Fight those alien bots; give it your best shot.
  • Use 10 Power-Ups in battle, to give yourself a necessary boost.

Rewards: Turkish Infantry (Tier 6, 360 Strength, UL40), Air Strike III, 2500 Oil

8 - Aim to Maim

  • Collect 15 Target Missiles to attempt more damage.
  • Fight the alien bots and show them you rule.
  • Harvest 80 Chili Peppers, to spice up this fight.

Rewards: Kestrel (Tier 6 Fighter, 400 Strength, UA38), Poison Gas III, 8400 Coins

9 - Alien Annihilation

  • Collect 15 Transport Trucks to take away the debris, so the battlefield is clear.
  • Fight the aliens and win a great victory for your Empire.
  • Win 50 World Domination fights, to display your superiority.

Rewards: Quarterback Patrol Boat (Tier 6 Gunboat, 430 Strength, UT28), Target Jammer III, 25 Energy

Final Rewards

Alien Crash Site, 3 Arachnoids (Tier 8 Tank, 1200 Strength, UM95)

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