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Codes: Military Buildings

Military Buildings SubtypeCode
Barracks IIImilitary Z13
Shipyard IIImilitary Z16
Hangar IIImilitary Z19
Barracks IVmilitary BP02
Shipyard IVmilitary BP01
Hangar IVmilitary BP03
Experimental Barracks militarySB03
Experimental Shipyard militaryZ27
Experimental Hangarmilitary SB02
Titan Labmilitary TL01
Limited Edition Unit Factory militaryLEF1
Mastery Factorymilitary MF1
Depots SubtypeCode
Army Depotmilitary WHA1
Naval Depotmilitary WHN1
Air Depotmilitary WHS1
Research Labs SubtypeCode
Army Research Labmilitary Z22
Navy Research Labmilitary Z20
Air Force Research Lab militaryZ21
Titan Research Center militaryMR11
Defense Towers SubtypeCode
Defense Tower 1military DT1
Defense Tower 2military DT2
Direct Relief Defense Tower militaryDT3
Misc Military SubtypeCode
War RoommilitaryZ25
Power-Up Factorymilitary PF1
Special Forces HQmilitary HQ01
Surveillance Towermilitary BB10
Missile Launch Station* militaryAMS
Bounty Centerbounty_center BCB
Land Weapons Center* decorationBB20
Sea Weapons Center* decorationBB19
Air Weapons Center* decorationBB21
Fluxatrondecoration BB22
Prison Campdecoration BB23

* These also serve as bonus decors.  Other military-related decors can be found on the "Codes: Decors" page (to be done later).