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Quest: Hacked and Hijacked

  • Quest #42
  • Lasts from July 09, 2012 - August 13, 2012
  • Some tasks may have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

Something's horribly wrong! Communication systems are down and reports are rolling in of allies turning hostile. An attack is imminent. Get to the bottom of this!

Hint: You can progress down both paths at once. The top path will earn you the SpecOps Gyrfalcon 02 VTOL and the bottom, the SpecOps Piranha Battleship!

Quest Story: Hacked and Hijacked

1 - Communications Collapse

  • Ask for 8 Firewall Engineers to check for an online security breach.
  • Collect from 20 Houses in your Empire, to finance a possible war.
  • Gather 600 Oil to fuel your tanks and military vehicles.

Rewards: Elite Eurocopter (Tier 5 Airship, 220 Strength, UA85), Explosive Ammo I, 5 Energy


2a - Titan-sized Trouble

  • Ask for 8 Titan Research Dept. Members to work on this case.
  • Get 20 Energy by visiting Neighbors, you're really going to need it.
  • Use 15 Power-Ups in battle, to shake things up a bit.

Rewards: Elite Light Artillery Vehicle (Tier 5, 250 Strength, UL02), Evasion I, 30 {Ore}

3a1 - Track the Hack

  • Ask for 10 Foreign Representatives to liaise with your allies.
  • Complete 40 waves in Survival Mode to demonstrate your resilience.
  • Build 4 Strike Teams, to deploy against the threatening invaders.

Rewards: Yamato (Tier 5 Battleship, 280 Strength, US02), Missile Attack II, 350 Wood

3a2 - On Edge!

  • Collect 10 White Flags to signal a truce to your allies turned enemies.
  • Fight one of the hostile nations that just won't back down.
  • Place 30 infantry units - preparation is half the battle won.

Rewards: Turkish F16 (Tier 5 Fighter, 340 Strength, UA48), EMP II, 400 Oil

4a - Mountain Hideout

  • Request 15 Military Binoculars to spy on the hideout.
  • Deploy 40 artillery units as there could be a nasty shootout.
  • Win 40 Battle Blitz fights to get in some fighting practice.

Rewards: XUSS Cleveland Carrier (Tier 5, 370 Strength, UT41), Target Jammer III, 10 Element Z

5a - In the Dark

  • Collect 20 Compasses to find your way in the mountains.
  • Win 40 World Domination fights so you can flex your muscles a bit.
  • Earn 400 Red Hearts to prove that you're the good guys here.

Rewards: Elite Mosquito Infantry (Tier 6, 430 Strength, UL73), 8400 Coins, 370 {Ore}

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Gyrfalcon 02 VTOLs (Tier 8 Fighter, 1000 Strength, UB75)


2b - Battle Stations

  • Ask for 8 Private Choppers to transport agents working on the case.
  • Get 35 Element Z, as a powerful measure against possible Titan attacks.
  • Gather 250 {Ore}, you'll need it to make weapons.

Rewards: Viperfish Submarine (Tier 5 Gunboat, 250 Strength, US99), Accuracy I, 150 Oil

3b - Agents under Attack

  • Ask for 10 SOS Response Teams to respond to your agents' call for help.
  • Pillage 50 times but do it quietly; your Neighbors are upset enough.
  • Deal 25,000 damage using air units; such heroics may shake up the attackers.

Rewards: LE Fox Tank (Tier 5, 285 Strength, UM35), Air Strike II, 750 Coins

4b1 - Den of Darkness

  • Ask for 12 Mountain Tanks to battle the Titans in rocky terrain.
  • Win 10 World Dominance battles then thumb your nose at the Titans.
  • Fight the Titans, you must get to the villains they're protecting.

Rewards: Advanced HMS Hood (Tier 5 Battleship, 330 Strength, US40), Field Repairs II, 1200 Wood

4b2 - Lay Siege

  • Collect 15 Mini Target Missiles, to help lure the Titans into the open.
  • Win 20 Battle Blitz fights just to prove that you're not scared of anyone.
  • Fight the Titans; you can do it!

Rewards: Army Motorcycle (Tier 6 Infantry, 370 Strength, UL68), Hunker Down III, 200 {Ore}

5b - Total Triumph!

  • Ask for 20 Political Advisors to rectify the political situation.
  • Deploy 45 tanks because you need all the firepower you can get.
  • Harvest 75 Pineapples in anticipation of a victory feast.

Rewards: Kestrel (Tier 6 Fighter, 400 Strength, UA38), 5 Liberty Bonds, 1850 Oil

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Piranha Battleships (Tier 8, 1100 Strength, UT77)

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