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Quest: Epicdemic

  • Quest #40
  • Lasts from June 25, 2012 - July 30, 2012
  • Some tasks may have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

Doctors are flummoxed, unable to find the cause of the epidemic. We have to put together a special task force. I will take the lead on this and figure out what is going on here.

Hint: You can progress down both paths at once. The top path will earn you the SpecOps Badger Tank and the bottom, the SpecOps Horten Bomber!

Quest Story: Epicdemic

1 - Angry Farmers

  • Get 8 Pedestrian Barricades to manage the crowd.
  • Collect from 10 Government Structures to provide possible compensation.
  • Earn 50 Red Hearts to get the support you might need.

Rewards: British Gurkha Infantry (Tier 5, 220 Strength, UL35), Missile Attack I, 600 Coins


2a - Field trip!

  • Get 8 Field Equipment to help our scientists on their assignment.
  • Clear 20 trees to make room for new farm land.
  • Gather 250 {Ore} to build better farming equipment.

Rewards: Broman Tank (Tier 5, 260 Strength, UM47), Hunker Down I, 3 Liberty Bonds

3a1 - Shopping for Farms

  • Ask for 10 Cheque Books for all those cheques you're going to be handing out.
  • Gather 10,000 coins to help pay for all the land.
  • Win 35 Battle Blitz fights to protect your vulnerable nation.

Rewards: Elite Gripen Fighter (Tier 5 Airship, 280 Strength, UA84), 10 Energy, 40 {Ore}

3a2 - This land is our land

  • Hire 10 Land Surveyors to gauge the size, fertility and cleanliness of the land.
  • Harvest 40 Red Onion to test the new land.
  • Complete 40 waves of Survival Mode.

Rewards: Advanced Bismarck (Tier 5 Battleship, 350 Strength, US22), Accuracy II, 2000 Wood

4a - Fine! You lose

  • Get 15 Government Stamps for all the official documents you need to prepare.
  • Gain 2 Mastery Tokens.
  • Deploy 40 Field Artillery units.

Rewards: Elite Vulture Copter (Tier 5 Airship, 390 Strength, UA83), Field Repairs III, 1600 Oil

5a - Healing Words

  • Get 20 Makeshift Beds for you scientists to sleep at the lab.
  • Use Experimental Healing ability 25 times in battle.
  • Get 35 Domination Warchests.

Rewards: Elite Army Motorcycle (Tier 6 Infantry, 440 Strength, UL94), Air Strike III, 15 Element Z

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Badger Tanks (Tier 8, 1100 Strength, UM88)


2b - Preparation Pays

  • Collect 8 Briefing Letters to send to various divisions of the military.
  • Deploy 10 Units in case things get ugly.
  • Complete 15 waves in Survival Mode.

Rewards: Elite Condor Bomber (Tier 5, 250 Strength, UA92), Target Jammer I, 5 Element Z

3b - And so it Begins

  • Get 10 Border Reaction Teams to deal with the aftermath of an attack.
  • Upgrade your Air Depot once.
  • Destroy 150 Air Units to keep the enemy out of our airspace.

Rewards: NLOS Artillery Cannon (Tier 5, 300 Strength, UL09), Evasion II, 600 Wood

4b1 - Bay Watch

  • Get 12 Emergency Boats for all the patrol units.
  • Deploy 35 Sea Units to protect ourselves from more attacks.
  • Deal 80,000 damage using Sea Units.

Rewards: Elite Fledermaus Fighter (Tier 5, 355 Strength, UA91), Explosive Ammo II, 950 Oil

4b2 - Talking Points

  • Hire 15 Personal Security Details to protect our not-so-nice neighbor.
  • Win 25 Battle Blitz fights using Sea Units.
  • Earn 40 Black Hearts.

Rewards: Elite Barracuda Battleship (Tier 6, 400 Strength, US96), 5 Liberty Bonds, 350 {Ore}

5b - The Cure

  • Collect 20 Secure Briefcases to transport the Cure.
  • Harvest 80 Sweat Potatoes to sample produce from the new farmland.
  • Win 35 Dominance Battles.

Rewards: Elite Bull Tank (Tier 6, 450 Strength, UM40), EMP III, 25 Energy

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Horten Bombers (Tier 8, 1100 Strength, UB66)

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