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The Triton

The Triton Carrier will be the next Tier 8 unit of the Crimson Hand Battalion to be released.  It is a Carrier with base Strength of 900 and comes fully upgraded with 1080 Strength--higher than that of the six existing Tier 8 units.  The Triton's item code is UT09.

(Zynga made a blooper with the original image released, which showed the base Strength of 900.  This was inconsistent with similar images of other Tier 8 units that showed their upgraded Strengths.)

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the Triton:
"Triton ... is a mythological Greek god, the messenger of the big sea. He is the son of Poseidon, god of the sea, and Amphitrite, goddess of the sea, whose herald he is. He is usually represented as a merman, having the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish...."
Here is the Triton in its docking station:

Here is an icon of the Triton from another angle, as it appears in combat:

The Triton was "unofficially" released on March 29, 2012.  It was officially released on March 29-30, 2012 (depending on your time zone).

Tier 8 Units

So far, the list of special Tier 8 units is shaping out to be:
  1. The Chimera (Artillery, 960 Strength) UL49
  2. The Kraken (Gunboat, 960 Strength) US54
  3. The Harpy (Fighter, 960 Strength) UA68
  4. The Cerberus (Tank, 1020 Strength) UM14
  5. The Poseidon USV (Battleship, 1020 Strength) US91
  6. The Pegasus (Airship, 1020 Strength) UB05
  7. The Triton (Carrier, 1080 Strength) UT09
  8. ? (Soldier?, ? Strength) ?
  9. ? (Bomber?, ? Strength) ?
I don't know how this "Medusa" rumor started, but it wasn't from me.  Let's speculate on possible names for the last two Tier 8 units.

Tier 8 Soldier
  • The Medusa?
  • The Gorgon?
  • The Manticore?
  • The Basilisk?
  • The Minotaur?
  • The Centaur?
  • ...

Personally, I think the Minotaur is the best name from this list.

Tier 8 Bomber
  • The Griffin Bomber?
  • The Dragon?
  • The Wyvern?
  • The Eagle?
  • The Crow?
  • The Cockatrice?
  • The Roc
  • ...

It's really unfortunate that the Phoenix Bomber already exists as that name would be perfect!  None of the other names on my list are very good, except maybe the Dragon and the Wyvern.  However, I don't think they are based on Greek mythology like all the existing Tier 8 units are.


  1. March 28, 2012: added images, code, Strength, and Wikipedia link and quote.

  2. March 29, 2012:

    The Triton is buildable now. Zynga has changed its Strength so that is has 1080 upgraded Strength instead of 900.

    Also, someone left me a stupid, mean comment about it in Spanish. That person is very ignorant and needs to learn how things work. Zynga can change anything they want at any time, especially units that are about to be released.

    If you don't appreciate my blog, don't visit it!

  3. I think "The Roc" wuld also be a great name for the tier 8 bomber coZ its from greek mythology as well

    1. That's a good guess as well, Leo. I've added it to the list. Is it really from Greek mythology? I looked it up in Wikipedia and it seems to have other origins.

  4. Updated top image. Zynga fixed it.