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Quest: The Proposal

  • Quest #39
  • Lasts from June 18, 2012 - July 23, 2012
  • Some tasks may have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

Commander, we've got to give these peace talks one more try and if we don't succeed, yet again, I've got other things in mind. I'll send the invites, you just have to show up and be nice.

Hint: Pestonia is a less wealthy, very backward country that shares a huge chunk of border with you and they often take advantage of that.

Quest Story: The Proposal

1 - Guest Appearance

  • Ask for 5 Cups of Coffee to keep you going.
  • Collect from 15 Houses to make arrangements for the delegate dinner later.
  • Harvest 12 Corn for the delegate's dinner later tonight.

Rewards: Horten Bomber (Tier 4, 200 Strength, UA06), Air Strike I, 150 Oil

2 - The Scarlett Letter

  • Collect 6 Scented Candles to calm Scarlett's nerves.
  • Gather 75 {Ore} to build units. It looks like we've got a war ahead of us.
  • Destroy 40 Air Units in Battle. They could be enemy units.

Rewards: Elite Eurocopter (Tier 5 Airship, 220 Strength, UA85), Accuracy I, 750 Coins

3 - The Field Day

  • Collect 6 CCTV Cameras to help keep Scarlett safe.
  • Earn 100 Red Hearts to keep your reputation up no matter what happens next.
  • Complete 40 waves in Survival Mode to prepare for the upcoming madness.

Rewards: Elite Light Artillery Vehicle (Tier 5, 250 Strength, UL02), Hunker Down II, 5 Element Z

4 - Angry Neighbors

  • Get 7 Paramedics on the scene to help with the casualties.
  • Win 40 Battle Blitz fights to prepare for the possibility of war.
  • Fight Pestonian insurgents that have snuck in at the border.

Rewards: Elite ASLAV Tank (Tier 5, 320 Strength, UL27), Evasion II, 180 {Ore}

5 - Putting the Pest in Pestonia

  • Recruit 8 Border Security Forces to strengthen security at the border with Pestonia.
  • Get 12 Domination Warchests to send Pestonia a blaring message.
  • Use Experimental Abilities in battle 30 times.

Rewards: Elite ASLAV Tank (Tier 5, 320 Strength, UL27), Field Repairs II, 4500 Coins

6 - The Last Fire

  • Collect 12 Emergency Deployment Kits. We're sending in the troops.
  • Deploy 50 Tanks to battle Pestonian Forces.
  • Deal 40,000 damage using Land Units.

Rewards: Elite Fledermaus Fighter (Tier 5, 355 Strength, UA91), 15 Energy, 1500 Wood

7 - The Final Battle

  • Collect 12 Portable Speakers to communicate with the civilians.
  • Pillage 100 times to successfully take over Pestonia.
  • Win 25 World Domination fights, one Pestonia at a time.

Rewards: Elite Caio Duilio Battleship (Tier 6 Carrier, 380 Strength, US84), EMP III, 5 Liberty Bonds

8 - Peace and Quiet

  • Gather 15 Volunteers to help with the Pestonian relief program.
  • Harvest 75 Wheat to help feed the victims of war in Pestonia.
  • Build 45 Air Units to survey Pestonia during this fragile time.

Rewards: Elite Wiesel MK20 Tankette (Tier 6, 405 Strength, UM10), Missile Attack III, 2000 Oil

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Ghillie Suit Infantries (Tier 7 Infantry, 870 Strength, UM84)

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