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Quest: The Dawn of Destruction

  • Quest #43
  • Lasts from July 16, 2012 - August 20, 2012
  • Some tasks may have lower requirements for players that are level 50 or lower.

Dr. Owari has sunk quite low! She went underground to secretly test a new weapon that's deadlier than a nuclear bomb. Not deep enough; her dark secret just came to light.

Hint: The higher your level, the better your reward. The Spec Ops Bulldog Artillery Mk. I for levels 12 to 30, the Spec Ops Bulldog Artillery Mk. II for levels 31 to 50 and the Spec Ops Bulldog Artillery Mk. III for levels 51 and above.

Quest Story: The Dawn of Destruction

1 - Tremors of Trouble

  • Ask for 4 Radiation-proof Vehicles to take your team to what could be a bomb test site.
  • Gather 75 {Ore} to make weapons - you're already anticipating trouble.
  • Harvest 10 Corn, to make soup for your hungry troop.

Rewards: 094 Jin Class Submarine (Tier 4 Gunboat, 150 Strength, US08), Target Jammer I, 150 Oil

2 - X-treme Experiments

  • Ask for 5 Radiation Experts to investigate and evaluate the X-matter.
  • Clear 15 trees from your Neighbors' Empires; you may need wood to build bomb shelters.
  • Gather 800 Oil, to run generators that light the test site, as you work.

Rewards: Eurocopter (Tier 4 Airship, 170 Strength, UA77), Field Repairs I, Liberty Bond

3 - Power Hungry

  • Ask for 8 Translators to interpret messages and threats from around the world.
  • Build 3 Power-Ups because you can't resist showing off a little at the summit.
  • Earn 120 Red Hearts to prove that your heart is in the right place.

Rewards: Puma IFV (Tier 4 Tank, 190 Strength, UL17), Explosive Ammo II, 40 {Ore}

4 - Manic Panic

  • Collect 8 Media Security Passes for reporters at the press conference.
  • Use 25 Power-Ups in battle, as a not-so-subtle warning to your enemies.
  • Harvest 80 Strawberries, because your men need their Vitamin C.

Rewards: ASLAV Tank (Tier 4, 210 Strength, UL26), Air Strike II, 5 Element Z

5 - Triple Threat

  • Deploy 30 Land Units to counter their on-ground attack.
  • Deploy 25 Sea Units so you don't get into deep water when your enemies attack.
  • Deploy 25 Air Units to ensure a soaring victory over your foes.

Rewards: Sea Dragon Submarine (Tier 5 Gunboat, 230 Strength, US92), 330 Oil, 3300 Coins

6 - Up in Flames

  • Ask for 12 Smokeless Paper Furnaces to burn any plans of the weapon.
  • Complete 45 Waves of Survival Mode, as a warm-up for upcoming battles.
  • Win 35 Battle Blitz fights, to assess your current armed force strength.

Rewards: LE Gyrfalcon 02 VTOL (Tier 5 Fighter, 260 Strength, UB13), Poison Gas III, 3 Liberty Bonds

7 - Resist and Retaliate

  • Ask for 15 Civilian Police to maintain law and order during this time of war.
  • Deal 40,000 damage to Air Units because you're a force to reckon with.
  • Deal 40,000 damage to Sea Units; run them out of your waters.

Rewards: Jungle Recon Infantry (Tier 6, 300 Strength, UM23), Evasion III, 1500 Wood

8 - Damage Control

  • Request 15 Civilian Radiation-proof Suits to prevent any possible contamination.
  • Win 50 World Domination battles as a sort of military victory dance.
  • Earn 750 Black Hearts as a final warning to your attackers.

Rewards: Coyote Artillery Buggy (Tier 5, 330 Strength, UL47), Missile Attack III, 25 Energy

Final Rewards

5 SpecOps Bulldog Artillery IIIs (Tier 8, 1050 Strength, UN05)

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