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Codes: Tier 7 and Tier 8 Units

[June 25, 2012: I haven't updated this in a few days, but will do so soon.]

Data for new units subject to change!

If you see tables that look like this anywhere else, it's because they copied it from here or from another copycat!

I hope it's obvious which units have which of these subtypes:
  • subtype = "army"
  • subtype = "navy"
  • subtype = "air"

Tier 8 Units Strength* Code
Scion (Artillery)1560 UM83
Kilowatt (Battleship)1560 UT49
Venom (Fighter)1440 UB52
Nimitzern (Infantry)1440 UM71
Beacon Submarine (Gunboat) 1440UT35
Gordon (Bomber)1080 UB30
Artemis (Infantry)1080 UM43
Triton (Carrier)1080 UT09
Pegasus Copter (Airship)1020 UL49
Poseidon USV (Battleship)1020 UA68
Cerberus (Tank)1020 US54
Harpy (Fighter)960 UB05
Chimera (Artillery)960 UM14
Kraken (Gunboat)960 US91
Tier 7 Infantry StrengthCode
Super Red Flag Infantry830 UM76
Super Karmen Infantry780 UM66
SpecOps Commando770 UM55
Red Flag Infantry750 UM60
Elite Flea Infantry740 UM38
Elite Mantis Infantry725 UM30
Mantis Infantry700 UL76
Flea Infantry670UM20
Kodiak EXO Infantry650 UL57
Tier 7 Artillery StrengthCode
SpecOps ADATS Artilleries850 UM78
Super Lincoln T100 Artillery 810UM74
Red Flag Artillery790 UM65
SpecOps Coyote Artillery770 UM56
Elite Tarantula Artillery760 UM32
Tarantula Artillery750 UL78
Elite Bison Halftrack Artillery 750UM33
SpecOps Jackrabbit730 UM24
The Bison Halftrack Artillery 700UL80
Tier 7 Tanks StrengthCode
Super Red Flag Tank850 UM77
Armadillo Tank850 UL79
Secret Service Rhino AFV820 UM64
Elite Wombat Tank810 UM50
SpecOps Wiesel MK20 Tankette 810UM39
SpecOps Griffin Tank810 UM18
Griffin II Tank800 UM17
Badger Tank800UL77
Elite Griffin Tank780 UL90
Elite Doberman Tank760 UL75
SpecOps Grasshopper Black (1) 750UM29
The Griffin Tank750 UL81
Elite Badger Tank720 UM31
Golden Doberman Tank700 UM13
Tier 7 Gunboats StrengthCode
Varun UUV-2 Sub880 UT45
SpecOps UUAV Drone Gunboat870 UT48
Elite Sand Shark Hovercraft (2) 860UT07
Sand Shark Hovercraft850 US59
Gator Patrol Boat700 US58
SpecOps Narwahl700 US78
Elite Narwahl Submarine680 US70
Narwahl Submarine650 US62
Elite Gator Patrol Boat (T6) 545UT06
Tier 7 Carriers StrengthCode
Super Tanay Carrier900 UT42
SpecOps Nuclear Sub Carrier 860UT43
Logger Head810UT08
SpecOps Leviathan Black800 UT03
Tanay Carrier790UT25
Super Basilosaurus Carrier770 UT34
Sea Hive Carrier750 US57
Elite Stonefish Carrier730 UT12
Albatross Carrier700 US61
Elite Leviathan Carrier675 US82
Elite Sea Hive Carrier (T6) 645UT02
Tier 7 Battleships StrengthCode
Super Jefferson T300 Battleship 850UT46
SpecOps Barracuda850 UT44
Sand Shark Hovercraft (2)850 US59
Karsen UMBSC-4 Battleship830 UT40
Elite Hammerhead Battleship 820UT17
Yamato III800US56
SpecOps Devilfish Patrol Boat 790UT16
Ekranoplan Black780 UT24
Elite Yamato III780 UT01
Ekranoplan Black780 UT24
SpecOps Man O' War Battleship 770US86
Man O' War Battleship750 US60
Tier 7 Fighters StrengthCode
SpecOps Ghost Bat Fighter870 UB55
Owl Fighter850UA55
X-Cillian Fighter840 UB35
Super Razor Fighter820 UB47
Super Razorhawk Fighter750 UB37
Elite Dual Fang Fighter710 UA98
Ghost Bat Fighter700 UA52
Dual Fang Fighter695 UA89
Elite Tiger Moth Fighter680 UA65
SpecOps Fledermaus Fighter660 UA88
Tiger Moth Fighter650 UA57
Elite Ghost Bat Fighter (T6) 490UB08
Tier 7 Airships StrengthCode
Elite Gemini Copter880 UA81
Super Ronan Copter810 UB42
Secret Service Vulture Copter 810UB39
SpecOps Vulture Black800 UB12
Elite Tigerfly Copter770 UB34
Elite Buzzard Autogyro (3)760 UB10
Buzzard Autogyro750 UA54
Super Tigerfly Copter730 UB33
Gemini Helicopter700 UA59
Tier 7 Bombers StrengthCode
SpecOps Locust Bomber830 UB43
SpecOps Condor Black820 UB11
Elite Phoenix Bomber820 UB09
Phoenix Bomber800 UA53
Elite Locust Bomber780 UB29
Sparrowhawk Bomber750 UA58
Elite Sky Whale Bomber700 UB15
Tier 7 Titan Parts StrengthCode
Cronus (head, Tank)825 PT51
Cannon (shoulder, Artillery) 775PT63
Missile Pod (shoulder, Infantry) 725PT62

*Strength shown for Tier 8 units is when the units are fully upgraded (5/5) since they come that way.  For other units, the base Strength is shown.

(1) The SpecOps Grasshopper Black is a Tank, even though other Grasshopper units are Soldiers.
(2) The regular Sand Shark Hovercraft is a Battleship, while the Elite Sand Shark Hovercraft is a Gunboat.
(3) The Elite Buzzard Autogyro's icon in combat is that of a Fighter, but it really acts like an Airship.

Point (3) is definitely a mistake by Zynga.  Points (1) and (2) might be mistakes or they might be intentional.  They all might be changed in the future.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. March 26, 2012: Updated for Red Rampage 11. Added: Elite Gator Patrol Boat, Elite Sand Shark Hovercraft, Elite Ghost Bat Fighter, Elite Buzzard Autogyro, Elite Phoenix Bomber. Also fixed a mistake by moving the Sandshark Hovercraft from the Battleship category to the Gunboat one.

  3. Storing old remarks: "Red Rampage 10 was released on March 19-20, 2012, giving us the Elite Mantis Infantry, Elite Tarantula Artillery, Elite Badger Tank, Elite Sea Hive Carrier, and Elite Yamato III. Yes, it's strange that some of these units have lower Strength than their non-elite counterparts! It is probably because they can be bought without gaining Domination Rank. Even stranger, the Elite Sea Hive Carrier is Tier 6 rather than the expected Tier 7."

  4. Added SpecOps Fledermaus Fighter.

  5. Added SpecOps Vulture Black and SpecOps Condor Black.

  6. Added two Tier 7 units to be released as part of Red Rampage 12 on April 3, 2012: Elite Sky Whale Bomber (700) and Elite Flea Infantry (740).

  7. Sir i'm looking also for the ordinance outrage units codes specially the hammerhead battleship and the scorpion artillery can you sir make a list of it thanks sir...=)

    1. Done on another page a few days ago.

  8. Added the SpecOps Wiesel MK20 Tankette (reward for quest #29, Secret Ingredient).

  9. Added the Elite Stonefish Carrier from Red Rampage 13 (released April 10, 2012).

  10. Added the Artemis (Infantry).

  11. Added rewards from quest #30, Grave Danger:
    SpecOps Devilfish Patrol Boat
    Logger Head

  12. Added Elite Hammerhead Battleship from Red Rampage 14.

  13. Added:
    Ekranoplan Black (Quest: Intellience Infiltrators)
    Elite Wombat Tank (Red Rampage 15)

  14. Thanks for updating!

  15. Added the Gordon Bomber, the 9th Tier 8 unit.

  16. Added:
    Elite Locust Bomber (Red Rampage 16)
    Tanay Carrier (Dangerous Deployments 4)

  17. Added the final rewrards from quest #32, Perilous Pursuit:

    SpecOps Commando
    SpecOps Coyote Artillery

  18. Added the final reward for quest #33 (Uncharted Mysteries): Experimental Fighter.

    Added 2 units from Blue Dawn: Super Tigerfly Copter and Elite Tigerfly Copter.

    1. Great thanks for updating the code
      but since the hack has been patched
      (depot hack & survival mode hack)

      there is no point to keep updating the codes
      since we can't generate some units from hack anymore ? CMIIW

    2. Changed name of Experimental Fighter to X-Cillian Fighter.

  19. Added the Super Razor Hawk Fighter (750) and Super Basilosaurus Carrier (770) from Blue Barrage 1.

    Added the Red Flag Infantry (750) from Dangerous Deployments 6.

  20. Added the rewards from quest #34, White Collar Affair:

    Secret Service Vulture Copter (810)
    Secret Service Rhino AFV (820)

  21. Added Super Karmen Infantry (780) and Super Ronan Copter (810) from Blue Barrage 2.

    Added Red Flag Artillery (790) from Fierce Fighters 1.

  22. Added final reward from quest #35, "Destination: Moon":

    SpecOps Locust Bomber (830)

  23. Added the Nimitzern (Infantry, 1440).

  24. Added the Karsen UMBSC-4 Battleship (830) from Fierce Fighters 2.

    Added the Super Razor Fighter (820) and Super Tanay Carrier (900) from Blue Barrage 3.

  25. Added the rewards from Quest #36, Memorial Day:

    SpecOps Nuclear Carrier (860)
    SpecOps Barracuda (Battelship, 850)

  26. Added the Venom (Tier 8, 1440 Strength).

  27. Added the Super Lincoln T100 Artillery (810) and Super Jefferson T300 Battleship (850) from Blue Barrage 4.

    Added the Varun UUV-2 Sub (880) from Fierce Fighters 3.

    Added the SpecOps UUAV Drone Gunboat (870) from Quest #37, Power to the People.