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Codes: Energy and Z


Energy Packs Code
1 EnergyEN1
2 EnergyEN2
3 EnergyEN3
5 EnergyEN4
10 EnergyEN5
15 EnergyEN6
25 EnergyEN7
Element Z Packs Code
1 Element ZMA1
2 Element ZMA2
3 Element ZMA3
5 Element ZMA4
10 Element ZMA5
15 Element ZMA6

1 comment:

  1. Storing old remarks:

    DO NOT use these codes with the Depot Hack. They are for another hack that I will disclose in the future.

    Tip: Start learning how to use Charles Proxy (see "Links" page) if you really want to make Power-ups, Energy packs, and Element Z packs. With this new hack, you can use Cheat Engine to create new units and put them directly into your inventory, but you can't make new consumables.