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Quest Story: A Friend In Need

  • Quest #41
  • Lasts from July 02, 2012 - August 06, 2012

Commander, this isn't just a threat to your ally Ardania! This could mean the end of freedom for all their citizens. There's no way you can just sit back and watch. You must form an alliance to help.

Hint: Dig into your ally address book to find other guardians of democracy. You won't regret it.

Quest Hook: Your ally is in trouble with fanatic rebels threatening a coup. You must rally with other leaders to stop the threat.

Quest Pop-up: Commander, your ally leader could be overthrown by rebel fanatics. They mean to curb everyone's freedom. This goes against the very fabric of democracy. You must help stop this horrific threat in its tracks!

1 - The SOS

Show a little neighborly love, but don't rush into battle just yet. Put your ego aside and ask for a little help from your friends. Are your tickets booked for the top secret meet with your other allies?

  • Ask for {total} Information Encryption Agents to decipher your ally's SOS.
  • Collect from {total} houses to help with the mission.
  • Clear {total} trees in your friends' empires. Every bit of help counts.

Thank you for taking the first step Commander. You've got some tough war strategy meetings ahead, but at least they put you up in a swanky suite!

2 - Battle Plan Bickering

On the road to Ardania's aid, you've run into a speed bump. That nation you can't stand is in this alliance and they're contradicting everything you suggest. Some people need to grow up. I don't blame you for losing your cool.

  • Ask for {total} Secure Communication Devices to avoid dangerous info leaks.
  • Earn {total} Red Hearts. That'll show your fussy ally.
  • Gather {total} {Ore} to help your ally in need build weapons.

Despite the heated arguments, you've managed to get a good strategy in place to take down the rebel fanatics. Good job!

3 - Ready to Roll

Commander, the leader of Ardania is frantic. While you were arguing strategies, the rebel leader made his move. You must return home and prep our forces to go into action immediately.

  • Collect {total} Diplomat Status Documents for immunity while travelling.
  • Fend off a rebel group on your way back.
  • Place {total} Tanks around your empire to protect yourself.

The forces are ready and raring to go Commander. That impassioned speech about fighting for freedom really did the trick!

4 - Internal Conflict

This is ridiculous Commander, there's fighting all right but it's between you and your ally. You may both believe you'd be best in the most battle-torn areas, but one of you needs to stand down.

  • Ask for {total} Battle Strategists to chalk out your moves.
  • Pillage {total} times to gather information on rebel activity.
  • Gather {total} {Ore} to power some heavy duty units.

Commander, I congratulate you on your zeal. However, you need to come to a decision fast, these petty fights are holding things up.

5 - Smarter Move

Commander, I'm proud of you. You backed down in the interest of saving the nation in distress. That's true courage! Now station your troops in your designated zone.

  • Request {total} GPS Scramblers so the enemy can't locate us.
  • Build {total} Air Units to station at your respective zones.
  • Deploy {total} Grunt Soldiers. They're the best suited for this job.

All set Commander. The troops are ready to fight, you've got your snipers stationed and units primed. You're ready to fight. Bring it!

6 - Dealing with Differences

I know you're dying to say that you told me so Commander, but there's no time for that. You must send aid to the nasty allies who wanted to show you up. They're not holding out too well.

  • Collect {total} Military Medical Aid Kits to help the wounded.
  • Complete {total} Waves of Survival Mode. Now that's a challenge.
  • Win {total} Battle Blitz fights using Land Units.

Commander, you're a star! You never hesitated to send help even though you probably thought they deserved what they were getting.

7 - Shake on That

The rebels are making a vicious attack and you must cover two zones. Remember that this is a fight for freedom. As a treat on the side, you're also on your way to patching things up with your ally.

  • Ask for {total} Tranquilizer Bullets to knock out the rebels.
  • Win {total} World Domination fights and show those rebels who not to mess with.
  • Use the Experimental healing ability {total} times in Battle. Your ally needs it.

Well done Commander! You won and took several rebels into custody. The people of Ardania are in your debt and your pesky ally is shaking your hand.

8 - Celebrating Freedom

All's well that ends well Commander. It's time to sit back, put up your feet and join everyone in celebratory banquet, in honor of you and the winning alliance.

  • Ask for {total} Honor Pins to award your brave soldiers.
  • Earn {total} Black Hearts. All press is good press they say.
  • Harvest {total} Wheat for the relief program.

Commander, Ardania owes you a debt of gratitude. But more importantly, you struck a very strong blow for freedom. Congratulations!

Final Rewards

Congratulations! You earned 5x SpecOps Leatherback Carrier!

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