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Amity Lighthouse

The Amity Lighthouse is a 3 x 3 x 3 decor that can be placed on water.  It must be crewed to be activated.  Once activated, you receive rewards every time the Lighthouse's light illuminates your harbor.  The Amity Lighthouse's item code is DB14.

Quotes from the game:

  • Place the Amity Lighthouse in the waters of your Empire
  • Build the Amity Lighthouse to get rewards every time its light illuminates your harbor.
  • Collect these parts to complete the Amity Lighthouse. Once completed, you will earn rewards every time it illuminates your harbor.
  • Crew the Lighthouse to receive rewards every time its light shines in your port.
  • I just placed the Amity Lighthouse in my Empire. It's going to be majestic!
  • I just built the Amity Lighthouse in my Empire. That friendly light means my Empire's always open to you.
  • I just crewed my Amity Lighthouse to provide safe passage for all friendly vessels. The returns are pretty sweet!

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