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Quest Story: The Dawn of Destruction

  • Quest #43
  • Lasts from July 16, 2012 - August 20, 2012

Dr. Owari has sunk quite low! She went underground to secretly test a new weapon that's deadlier than a nuclear bomb. Not deep enough; her dark secret just came to light.

Hint: The higher your level, the better your reward. The Spec Ops Bulldog Artillery Mk. I for levels 12 to 30, the Spec Ops Bulldog Artillery Mk. II for levels 31 to 50 and the Spec Ops Bulldog Artillery Mk. III for levels 51 and above.

Quest Hook: The new bomb that Dr. Owari tested is deadlier than a nuclear weapon. Prevent enemies and allies from getting their hands on it.

Quest Pop-up: Commander, we're in over our heads here! Dr. Owari tested a deadly weapon, more dangerous than the nuclear bomb. Friends and foes all want a piece of the action!

1 - Tremors of Trouble

Commander, it's midnight, so that deep, red glow on the horizon is no sunrise! These tremors aren't an earthquake either. Quick, send out a bomb investigation troop.

  • Ask for {total} Radiation-proof Vehicles to take your team to what could be a bomb test site.
  • Gather {total} {Ore} to make weapons - you're already anticipating trouble.
  • Harvest {total} Corn, to make soup for your hungry troop.

Immediate damage control is necessary Commander. Your team just found Dr. Owari testing a weapon that's stronger than a nuclear bomb!

2 - X-treme Experiments

We just found out that Dr. Owari's bomb testing resulted in X-matter emissions. This is much worse than radiation. You must contain it fast!

  • Ask for {total} Radiation Experts to investigate and evaluate the X-matter.
  • Clear {total} trees from your Neighbors' Empires; you may need wood to build bomb shelters.
  • Gather {total} Oil, to run generators that light the test site, as you work.

Whew Commander! The X-matter emissions were successfully contained, but your troubles are only starting. Here come the vultures!

3 - Power Hungry

Power-mad friends and foes both want the new bomb technology. Arrange a global summit to explain why this is a bad, bad idea. Blinded by greed, they can't see the deadly consequences!

  • Ask for {total} Translators to interpret messages and threats from around the world.
  • Build {total} Power-Ups because you can't resist showing off a little at the summit.
  • Earn {total} Red Hearts to prove that your heart is in the right place.

You're doing your best under trying circumstances Commander. Too bad they won't listen. Better prepare for more than a war of words.

4 - Manic Panic

And so the chaos begins! The press did you no favors by sensationalizing the affair. Honesty though, there's good reason to panic. Stay calm for your people's sake.

  • Collect {total} Media Security Passes for reporters at the press conference.
  • Use {total} Power-Ups in battle, as a not-so-subtle warning to your enemies.
  • Harvest {total} Strawberries, because your men need their Vitamin C.

Well, your people have great faith in you Commander, but here come the greedy hoards. It's time to act!

5 - Triple Threat

They're coming at us from all directions, air, land and sea! We didn't expect this but do they think we're going down without a fight? All this for a bomb! Sheesh!

  • Deploy {total} Land Units to counter their on-ground attack.
  • Deploy {total} Sea Units so you don't get into deep water when your enemies attack.
  • Deploy {total} Air Units to ensure a soaring victory over your foes.

Your troops are ready and raring to go! Well done Commander, it's obvious these men are keen to defend their nation.

6 - Up in Flames

Dr. Owari can start making amends for her reckless behavior, right now! Nobody will get their hands on those plans. Make her destroy all evidence of the new bomb.

  • Ask for {total} Smokeless Paper Furnaces to burn any plans of the weapon.
  • Complete {total} Waves of Survival Mode, as a warm-up for upcoming battles.
  • Win {total} Battle Blitz fights, to assess your current armed force strength.

It's funny how greed can fuel actions. Despite all the plans being destroyed, here come the enemy troops! End this!

7 - Resist and Retaliate

Fight, fight and then fight some more. Enemies are attacking from all sides. Airborne bombers, naval gunners and land tanks. You must win against all odds!

  • Ask for {total} Civilian Police to maintain law and order during this time of war.
  • Deal {total} damage to Air Units because you're a force to reckon with.
  • Deal {total} damage to Sea Units; run them out of your waters.

Outstanding! You and your men did the nation proud today Commander. Congratulations on your triple victory!

8 - Damage Control

Understandably you're tired, but you still have stuff to do! Start the ball rolling on repairing damage, reassure your citizens and send Dr. Owari a notice of suspension.

  • Request {total} Civilian Radiation-proof Suits to prevent any possible contamination.
  • Win {total} World Domination battles as a sort of military victory dance.
  • Earn {total} Black Hearts as a final warning to your attackers.

Great work Commander, now you can enjoy a well-deserved rest. You've brought this explosive situation to an end!

Final Rewards

Congratulations! You earned 5x SpecOps Bulldog Artillery!

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