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Quest Story: Hacked and Hijacked

  • Quest #42
  • Lasts from July 09, 2012 - August 13, 2012

Something's horribly wrong! Communication systems are down and reports are rolling in of allies turning hostile. An attack is imminent. Get to the bottom of this!

Hint: You can progress down both paths at once. The top path will earn you the SpecOps Gyrfalcon 02 VTOL and the bottom, the SpecOps Piranha Battleship!

Quest Hook: Dark Alliance members have hacked and hijacked your communication systems causing chaos and near war. Find them and stop them!

Quest Pop-up: Commander, all communication systems are down and hostile Neighbors are threatening to attack! Move fast and plan your next move with alacrity.

1 - Communications Collapse

Communication systems on the blink, allies turning hostile and lining up to attack; this is chaos! Station your troops, call an emergency meeting and impose a curfew! Now!

  • Ask for {total} Firewall Engineers to check for an online security breach.
  • Collect from {total} Houses in your Empire, to finance a possible war.
  • Gather {total} Oil to fuel your tanks and military vehicles.

That was quick. Your people are safe indoors and your troops are on high alert. Good work!


2a - Titan-sized Trouble

Unbelievable! The technology used to hack our systems has only been seen in Titans before. But Titans don't act by themselves. This reeks of the Dark Alliance!

  • Ask for {total} Titan Research Dept. Members to work on this case.
  • Get {total} Energy by visiting Neighbors, you're really going to need it.
  • Use {total} Power-Ups in battle, to shake things up a bit.

Good show Commander, but now you must track down those who are controlling the Titans. Make them pay!

3a1 - Track the Hack

You don't have the technology to trace and track Titan signals. Ask your allies, but honestly, at the moment, it seems they'd rather attack than help.

  • Ask for {total} Foreign Representatives to liaise with your allies.
  • Complete {total} waves in Survival Mode to demonstrate your resilience.
  • Build {total} Strike Teams, to deploy against the threatening invaders.

Nice work Commander. You managed to find one ally willing to lend you Titan tracking technology. Now you're on the right track!

3a2 - On Edge!

Grit your teeth and try to smile Commander. Convince these hostile forces that you're not the threat. I doubt they'll believe you though. One wrong move and a battle will begin.

  • Collect {total} White Flags to signal a truce to your allies turned enemies.
  • Fight one of the hostile nations that just won't back down.
  • Place {total} infantry units - preparation is half the battle won.

Don't be disheartened Commander, they're too afraid to listen to reason. You have no choice but to prepare your forces.

4a - Mountain Hideout

We traced a faint signal to the mountains of Darnobia. No prizes for guessing who's behind this. Some non-descript Dark Alliance members holed up and hiding behind a bunch of Titans.

  • Request {total} Military Binoculars to spy on the hideout.
  • Deploy {total} artillery units as there could be a nasty shootout.
  • Win {total} Battle Blitz fights to get in some fighting practice.

A mountain hideout? Honestly could they get anymore stereotyped? Teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

5a - In the Dark

Send an elite force to the mountains. They must sneak into the hideout avoiding the Titans. One team destroys the power generators while the other captures the Dark Alliance members and spirits them away.

  • Collect {total} Compasses to find your way in the mountains.
  • Win {total} World Domination fights so you can flex your muscles a bit.
  • Earn {total} Red Hearts to prove that you're the good guys here.

Well done! Your men showed awesome courage on this mission. Plus you can present these perpetrators as proof of your innocence.

Final Rewards

You earned 5x SpecOps Gyrfalcon 02 VTOL!


2b - Battle Stations

It's crazy! The air's so thick with hostility you can cut it with a knife. Sure, this is all a big misunderstanding, but we're under threat and should be ready to retaliate.

  • Ask for {total} Private Choppers to transport agents working on the case.
  • Get {total} Element Z, as a powerful measure against possible Titan attacks.
  • Gather {total} {Ore}, you'll need it to make weapons.

All troops in place! If anyone attacks, give them a run for their money. Are your investigating agents any closer to cracking this case?

3b - Agents under Attack

Commander, there's more bad news. Our investigative agents working remotely were brutally attacked. We traced their SOS but got there too late. They're gone!

  • Ask for {total} SOS Response Teams to respond to your agents' call for help.
  • Pillage {total} times but do it quietly; your Neighbors are upset enough.
  • Deal {total} damage using air units; such heroics may shake up the attackers.

You're closing in! The communication device dropped by one of the attackers can help you track them down.

4b1 - Den of Darkness

You found them! The attackers can wait; you must first defeat the Titans protecting them. Launch a full-scale attack. Hurry, your people need you back home quick.

  • Ask for {total} Mountain Tanks to battle the Titans in rocky terrain.
  • Win {total} World Dominance battles then thumb your nose at the Titans.
  • Fight the Titans, you must get to the villains they're protecting.

That was awesome Commander! The way you went after those Titans was truly inspiring. But they're not all down yet.

4b2 - Lay Siege

The Dark Alliance is getting so predictable. It's them again and of course they're using Titans for protection. I know you want to get your hands on them. Lure them out of their mountain fortress first.

  • Collect {total} Mini Target Missiles, to help lure the Titans into the open.
  • Win {total} Battle Blitz fights just to prove that you're not scared of anyone.
  • Fight the Titans; you can do it!

What a battle! I've never seen such devastation. You're in the lead Commander, but this isn't over. Here come more Titans.

5b - Total Triumph!

Watch out Commander, here they come again. This could be a massacre. You must win and take the Dark Alliance villains back home. Make them clean up the political mess they've made.

  • Ask for {total} Political Advisors to rectify the political situation.
  • Deploy {total} tanks because you need all the firepower you can get.
  • Harvest {total} Pineapples in anticipation of a victory feast.

Outstanding Commander! What a coup. You certainly killed two birds with one stone. Titans defeated and a great war averted.

Final Rewards

You earned 5x SpecOps Piranha Battleship!

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